About the Founder, Susan Wos

About the Founder, Susan Wos, Salon Consultant

What started as a personal service became the industry leader for owners and beauty pros looking for that great fit...Learn how Susan became the #1 hair stylist recruiter.

Hair and Beauty Salon Recruiter, Susan has enjoyed a diverse and successful career in the salon industry since 1995.  From apprentice to stylist to salon owner, Susan has worked in and managed in many different types of salons. While she is no stranger to success, one problem always bothered Susan about our industry- how to find that great fit!

Salonspa Connection started as a pen and paper, personal matchmaking service in Kansas City- pros knew she could personally help them find that great fit by providing recommendations to owners across the city and beyond.  The demand for representation in ownership provided the opportunity for owners to get the affordable marketing, exposure and connectivity they needed to fill their salon, spas and barbershops. 

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As Salonspa Connection grew, owners and pros across the country took notice..coined the “salon headhunter”, the value Susan provided was something everyone could benefit from, but the personal service got overwhelming to do on a large scale!   While Salonspa Connection can house job and booth rental opportunities across the nation, there was only one person who could do what Susan did best- provide guidance on best fit opportunities. 

As a natural born problem solver, Susan did not give up on what set Salonspa Connection apart, the personal service NEEDED to scale to meet the industry’s demand. In 2022, Salonspa Connection became a place for owners of all shapes and sizes to be found- a comprehensive job and booth rental opportunity board for pros who are curious, to browse. Enlightened Hire became Susan’s personal service but much, much more…

Enlightened Hire is the brain- the custom system, prequalification and matchmaker our industry has dreamed about. Salonspa Connection is the body- marketing, exposure and a place to connect. Susan’s salon industry recruiting and matchmaking empire is second to none- Susan’s vision is to serve all owners, beauty pros, students and schools with value they cannot get, anywhere else! 

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All of Susan’s salon industry businesses are proudly non-brand affiliated and work perfectly with any shape or size of commission, hourly or booth rental business models.

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