The Value of Connection

I’m new to town. I moved to Kansas City about six months ago and I have just recently started at a new salon. But getting to this point comes with a story, of course. The story starts a few years ago when I had “it all”. I had the partner, the clientele, and the community. […]

To Rent, or Not to Rent: Salon Booth Rental vs. Commission

Being a licensed professional in the Salon, Spa and Barber industry leaves you with options galore. Commission, hourly, team based pay and being your own boss as a booth renter. Our industry is rich with choice, yet short sided with what resources work best for you as an individual. Starting out is tough for most […]

Challenges, Growth and Change: Revelations From Our Owner

2020, THE YEAR OF CHANGE Late winter of 2020 we were faced with the kind of problem we’ve dreamed of having. With over 250 employers, 300+ open positions throughout Kansas City and the inability to keep up with all of this with our current technology, we were forced to grow. 18 months after the first […]

Going Backwards? Rental –> Commission

CAREER TRANSITIONS AND CHANGES When we get to a place of renting we have “arrived”, it is an indicator of success and a level of achievement. Everyone wins with rental, right? Independents can do as they please buying whatever products they want to making their own schedule to not having to follow anyone’s rules but […]

More Chairs Than Hair Stylists

Opportunity is everywhere… I often wonder when the shift occurred between just enough chairs, suites, rooms and jobs for our industry to what is now a surplus of opportunity. Similar to real estate being a buyer’s market, this is a stylist, barber, nail tech, esthetician and massage therapist’s job market with more choices for places […]

The Suite Bubble

The allure of a private space to serve your nerve wracked, Covid paranoid clients is a very real thing. Autonomy, self-reliance and privacy rule in the suites. Freedom, sweet freedom absolutely RINGS in the hallways of this business model as happy licensed professionals go about their days in their own space at their own pace. […]

Kansas City Industry Education Instructors CONTEST

Salonspa Connection recently had a contest in which cosmetology, esthetic, barber, nail and massage instructors were nominated for greatness. The outpouring of kindness was overwhelming.  While most of us feel school is a stepping stone to a great career, our beloved instructors make it their mission to build professionals in our industry. The passion and […]

Hybrid Employment Model

The Hybrid model of Salons, Spas and Barbershops are a blend of hourly, commission, 1099 and or rental employment options all in one place of business. This concept is growing more popular in effort to give the “right” people in your salon no reason to look elsewhere if they are happy. If the culture is […]

Collaboration and Connection Over Competition

Owner Meetups Salonspa Connection has now held TWO super fun, very unique owner’s meetups in Kansas City. The desire to share, connect and collaborate with area owners has been beautifully illustrated in our meetups. Owners from all around the Kansas City area and beyond ate, drank, talked and thoroughly enjoyed getting together, just for the […]

First Salon Industry Headhunter

HEADHUNTER- Susan Wos This was a term I had shied away from in the beginning…now I embrace it and consider it a compliment. Employment in this industry gets STICKY! So much goes into the decisions of hair stylists and other licensed professionals when choosing where to work, often we end up in the wrong salon […]