Consult Evaluation

Owner Discovery

Hello and welcome to the first step in your consultation with Salonspa Connection!  Please fill out this questionnaire to the best of your abilities. Your answers will help effectively guide your consultant and make the best use of your time together. This information will be needed before your first consulting appointment. Thank you!
What age groups do you provide services for? All ages, mostly children, high school and college-aged, 20’s, 30’s, 40s, 50s , 60s, 70+(Required)
What cultures does your business typically serve?(Required)
Is your business an LGBTQ friendly environment?(Required)
Do you have a social climate in your business where staff spends time outside of work together?(Required)
What type of energy is in your workplace?(Required)

What is the overall working style of your business?(Required)

What type of structure is the business in?(Required)

What best describes your setting?(Required)

Is your business handicap friendly?(Required)
What is the parking situation at your business?(Required)

What best describes your workplace?(Required)

What best describes your equipment and environment?(Required)

What does your business provide for the staff for products?(Required)

Is your business a___?(Required)
What best describes the cleanliness of the work space?(Required)
What best describes the dress code?(Required)

How well versed is management in social media?(Required)

How is advice, guidance and or constructive criticism handled by ownership and management?(Required)
What best describes the level of professionalism you expect from your staff?(Required)
What is the ideal level of ambition you would like to see in staff members?(Required)
Do you look for the following qualities when interviewing potential staff?(Required)

What is the current attitude toward authority in your business?(Required)

What kind of decisionmakers do you want in your staff?(Required)

What is the attitude of customer service in your business?(Required)

What is the level of career commitment you are looking for in your staff?(Required)

What is the general attitude when it comes to work ethic in your workplace?(Required)

Do you hire those with the following criminal history?(Required)
What kind of client base do you require for new hires?(Required)

What kind of leadership do you currently have?(Required)

What is the scheduling flexibility in your business?(Required)

What types of education do you offer:(Required)
Do you provide marketing for your staff?(Required)
What do you provide for those who need to build clients?(Required)
What is the front desk or staff support role in your business?(Required)
Do you have appointment options?(Required)
Do you have payment options?(Required)