Opportunity for a Barber Instructor! Will train Barbers and Cosmetologists to become instructors!

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Old Town Barber College

Opportunity for a Barber Instructor! Will train Barbers and Cosmetologists to become instructors!

About the Employer

General Description: The person in this position administers the school’s approved training program, controls the learning environment, writes/revises/presents curriculum material, functions as a professional representative of OTBC in all situations with students, administration, colleagues, customers, and suppliers. This is accomplished by being an example, the best teacher, and the following: · Maintains a current barber license and teaching credential; · Maintain and promote outstanding customer service activities; · Practice good customer relations. Always welcome customers. Treat them as our guest; · Have excellent attendance. All instructors are to report to work a minimum of 15 minutes prior to class start. Welcome your students when they arrive. · Know, practice and enforce all Missouri Board of Barbering regulations; · Be familiar with College’s State, Accreditation and Federal regulations and assist in their interpretation and enforcement; · Assist in promoting the College’s educational programs and promoting the public image of the College; · Practice high standards of operation, quality service, reliability, and safety with students, staff, and customers; · Enforce school rules and regulations consistently, fairly, and without bias; · Communicate, cooperate and maintain positive working relationships with other staff and with student body. Do not fraternize with students, i.e., do not eat lunch with students, do not give students rides to school or home, do not treat students as your friend. Maintain a professional, respectful, and courteous teacher-student relationship. Do not gossip with students about other students or fellow staff members. Do not argue with another staff member in front of a student or client; do not argue with a student; · Maintain control of the assigned classroom; this means not allowing arguments between students and not allowing willful disruption of the educational process. · Communicate, cooperate and maintain positive working relationships with other staff and with student body. Maintain a professional, respectful, and courteous teacher-student relationship; · Participate in and seek ongoing activities and training on teacher education and current methods of teaching; · Inspire a professional attitude in the students; · Contribute to the achievement of the College’s goals and mission; · Participate in self-improvement and personal career development opportunities; · Work with Administration scheduling guest speakers and field trips; · Develop and teach the College’s approved instructional materials to enrolled students through innovative techniques and practices to help ensure success in State test taking and employment for our diverse population; · Recognize student issues that may interfere with their or their peer’s education. These could include but are not limited to attitude, reading difficulties, comprehension issues, health, hearing, etc.; · Be aware of and contribute to the school’s maintenance of satisfactory academic progress policy, standards of conduct, course requirements, grading policies and criteria; · Work with all involved to organize and practice specific student retention activities; · Monitor each student activity ensuring that all practical work, whether on a patron, fellow students or on a mannequin head is graded and proper credit is given on the student’s monthly record. · Teach theory/perform demonstrations as required. Administer, grade, and record test grades in a timely manner. · Monitor all clock-in and clock-out activities. Review constantly for accuracy. · Accurately record and monitor daily attendance (check in/out), customer services, student professionalism, student cleanup activities, etc. and promptly give daily attendance to administration; · Check all services performed by students prior to the customer leaving; · Supervise closely all student work being done on a patron or a mannequin head at all times, and ensure that all students are experiencing a positive, learning environment. · “Check” all customer haircuts prior to leaving the chair. · Ensure end of the day activities are accomplished: Sweep floor, dump trash, pick up, wash towels, lock doors, turn our lights, etc; · Control school supplies and equipment; · Accurately, timely, and consistently maintain all academic students files; · Monitor equipment and supply inventory, including towel inventory; · Ensure all equipment and supplies for barbering are ordered in a timely manner; · Maintain and update barber curriculum as necessary; · Monitor satisfactory progress monthly. Distribute probation letters the first week of each month; · Maintain a thorough, accurate, and current knowledge of the subject taught; · Perform other duties as assigned by the school director.

Who fits best in this position


- Current Barber license

- Current Barber Instructor license

- Shop experience of at least 3 years

- Experience and/or training in teaching

- Management skills

Education Requirements

· High school diploma

· Training in teaching methods

· Some college desirable

Details and Qualifications



Experience Level

Must be Licensed In