Cultural and Holistic Center looking for Massage Therapist

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Kansas City

Cultural and Holistic Center looking for Massage Therapist

About the Employer

Centered Spirit is a Cultural and Holistic Center specializing in Traditional Maya Medicine — a holistic solution to chronic and acute health conditions. Modern medicine tends to focus on relieving symptoms rather than treating the root causes of disease and pain. These ancient techniques focus on the primary causes, thereby preventing the progression of symptoms to a chronic disease state and allowing the body to use its inherent ability to self-heal.

Centered Spirit acknowledges the importance of stress relief and relaxation through the art of

touch. Realizing this, we are highly experienced in services such as conventional massage treatments

Who fits best in this position

Cultural and Holistic Center looking for a licensed massage therapist part-time with the following experience:

- 2 year experience min.

- Therapeutic Deep Tissue - Myofascial release, sports massage, prenatal massage, and medical massage. The ideal candidate would be someone who has the desire to apprentice in techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage.

Details and Qualifications


Hourly, Part-time,

Experience Level

2 Years Experience

Must be Licensed In