Hairstylist Jobs in Clarendon VA commission or booth rental in our established salon

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Hairstylist Jobs in Clarendon VA commission or booth rental in our established salon

About the Employer

An established salon with a recognizable brand located in the heart of Clarendon seeking experienced professionals to become part of our team. We have stylist stations available for rent or a private room that can be used for medical treatments, waxing, or facials. We are also hiring stylists to work for commission. We have all the benefits of a friendly salon environment. Hairstylist Jobs in Clarendon VA

Who fits best in this position

The ideal characteristics for a hairstylist may vary depending on the preferences of their clients and the type of salon. However, we believe that common traits that can contribute to the success of a hairstylist are those with:
Creativity: The ability to come up with unique and innovative hairstyles that suit the client's personality, facial features, and lifestyle.
Good communication skills: The ability to listen carefully to the client's needs and preferences, and to communicate clearly and effectively to ensure that the client is satisfied with the final result.
Attention to detail: The ability to notice and fix small imperfections in the hairstyle, such as uneven lengths, stray hairs, or flyaways.
Good hand-eye coordination: The ability to use scissors, razors, combs, and other tools skillfully and precisely.
Time management: The ability to work efficiently and quickly without sacrificing the quality of the work.
Knowledge of hair care products: A good understanding of the different types of hair care products and their effects on different hair types.
Professionalism: A positive attitude, a clean and tidy appearance, and a respectful and courteous demeanor with clients and colleagues.
Adaptability: The ability to adapt to new trends, styles, and techniques, and to work with different hair types and textures.
Patience and empathy: The ability to work with clients of all ages, backgrounds, and personalities, and to be patient and empathetic when dealing with challenging or difficult clients.
Continuous learning: A willingness to learn new skills and techniques, attend training courses and workshops, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and styles in the industry.

Details and Qualifications


Commission, Full-time, Part-time, Booth Rental,

Experience Level

Beginner or New Graduate, 1 Years Experience

Must be Licensed In