Hairstylist Jobs in Newtown CT

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Newtown, CT

Hairstylist Jobs in Newtown CT

About the Employer

We are a group of independent stylist’s with a desire to create a space that encourages each of us to grow and develop as an artist, and with that create gorgeous hair for our beautiful clientele. What I have learned these past 3 years is that my strength is coming along side independent stylists and working with them and supporting them to help them achieve their dream goals My business has a laid back atmosphere. And my yellow lab moscato is our mascot. I love to collaborate and host continuing education for stylists and I love to host special events for our clientele! We are supportive of each other. Because we are each tuning our own business behind the chair. I have been in the industry for over 40 years and I still love to work behind the chair. I really see how my love for guys industry has brought me to this place of owning a chair/booth rental salon I can still work behind the chair and also be supportive and help the independent stylist grow. I am also working on improving the salon. It’s a process. Hairstylist Jobs in Newtown CT

Who fits best in this position

A stylist that has a passion for this industry, wants to grow. Wants to be part of a team enjoys collaborating is passionate for continuing education, enjoys their clientele, is laid back has a good sense of humor. Pitches in without being asked to all the time.
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Details and Qualifications


Commission, Full-time, Part-time,

Experience Level

Beginner or New Graduate, 1 Years Experience

Must be Licensed In