Holistic Wellness Club, Spa, and Salon in Downtown Kansas City

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Kansas City Wellness Club

Holistic Wellness Club, Spa, and Salon in Downtown Kansas City

About the Employer

Residing in the historic and glamourous Kansas City Club building, we are a natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly wellness center, spa, yoga, and event space whose core principles reside in holistic health, beautification, and traditional time-tested treatments. Through education on your lifestyle choices and their effect upon your health, we provide programming to simplify and enhance your path to personal growth, optimal health, and enjoyment of your best self. Our network of coaches, healers, and beauty professionals will work with you in personal, authentic ways that guide and empower through transformative experiences, creativity, and the arts. We also provide incubator forums and spaces for innovative teachers and students.

We have seen so many needs go unfulfilled. 

We have seen so many people, in the current age, lost or busy…or both.

Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to deliver a righteous and comprehensive approach that truly cares for your needs, and guides you to become the best version of yourself, while living a more enjoyable life.  Together let us exemplify the universal truths present inside each of us, and collaborate to connect with our most ingrained human desires of: sustained contentment, a sense of belonging, self-transcendence, diverse experiences, and positively impressionable encounters.

People are searching for the lure of authenticity and an aversion to social norms.  It is our strongest belief that the majority of ailments in today’s society can be reduced or eliminated through traditional and advanced treatments that do not carry with them a multitude of adverse side effects or promised through a “magic pill”. By educating ourselves on lifestyle choices, we saw the need to provide programming, events, and integrated services that simplify and enhance one’s path to personal growth, optimal health, and enjoyment of one’s best self.

What is it that you ultimately want?

We believe it is to do good: do the best for oneself, those that you care about, the environment, and one’s communities. Yet in reality, it is difficult for one to conveniently choose such a path because we do not receive enough accurate information, guidance, and motivation to make these choices.

And that’s what we seek to provide.


Who fits best in this position

We are looking for professionals who are present in the moment, empathetic, genuine, and willing to be a part of something new.

Details and Qualifications


Commission, Hourly, Full-time,

Experience Level

Beginner or New Graduate, 1 Years Experience

Must be Licensed In