Management position for award winning, Holistic Spa, and Salon in Downtown Kansas City

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Downtown Kansas City

Management position for award winning, Holistic Spa, and Salon in Downtown Kansas City

About the Employer

We are a modern day health club- an eco-friendly Wellness Center, Spa, Salon, Fitness Studio, Yoga and Event Space of holistic health, beautification & time-tested treatments that uses transformative experiences & spirit science to empower personal growth & optimal pathways to guide people to become and enjoy their best self.

This includes massage therapy; skin care and facials; hair styling, cuts, and blow outs; bodywork; sauna and steam baths; wellness and life coaching; mindfulness techniques; energy healing; yoga practice; Fitness Studio/Gym and creative exercising using Virtual Reality & movement based gaming.

Our mission statement is: “We guide you to rise above the tidal wave of modern day life, so you can sustainable offer the best version of both your inner and outer beauty.”

How often can you step right in and manager a Best Day Spa in the city, while also being a part of an innovative energetic startup company? The time is most definitely now. You are invited to be a part of something new, to embrace this innovative & opportune moment in time that demands a new model of mindful service and sustainable operation.

Roles/ Responsibilites:
Role Responsibilities and Requirements:

● For all the Spa/Salon & Reception areas, perform Lead Operations as follows: managing a budget, facility utilization, staff productivity & moral, coordinating employment, training process, expectations, scheduling, supply/product order processing and tracking, sufficient working equipment, and legal board & licensing compliance.

● Increase Booking utilization, Pre-Booked appointments, and skincare & haircare line of products through process enhancements, photo/video content, or creative marketing ideas/promotion campaigns. Provide input and contribution to marketing materials and digital platforms

● Analyze expenditures and efficiency of your areas to see where optimization can be done to increase ROI or profitability.

● Is the main contact of each staff member in the Spa/Salon & Reception areas. Currently <10 people. Perform contingency planning when staffing challenges come up. Make sure all managed staff are aware of: o All procedures for their menu of services, and main Wellness Club operating procedures. o What our mission statement is, and what our main marketing messages are, understanding of how their service fits into the bigger picture of the Wellness Club o All current promos and incentives o what our responses are to questions from guests about booking outside of the Club o where Club “gateway” resource is for them to find more. ● Responsible for ensuring the opening and closing procedures of the Club are executed and maintained. ● Attends to customer service needs: answers inquiries; assess feedback, interact directly with customers to resolve customer needs and complaints, or escalate to management any guest satisfaction issues or occurrences involving staff or guests in the studio that require legal or serious attention. ● Will become sufficiently proficient in our Mindbody POS system, and build, update, and maintain Club offerings. Perform periodic reporting within Mindbody ● Part of the Event Coordination management team. Create ideas and interest in private parties and events. Host events. ● Handle basic Press Relations inquiries, triage, and support ● Make periodic communications updates on website and various digital or tangible channels. Ensure guest booking experiences for your areas is functioning smoothly and synced up with our official menu & Mindbody system ● Ability to provide professional status reports, manage tasks in centralized way, and work with Club Management to define milestones, goals, and objectives. ● Regularly attend, participate in staff meetings for the Kansas City Wellness Club- currently 1 monthly meeting, 1 weekly marketing meeting, and 1 weekly meeting with owner.  

Who fits best in this position

We need a wellness oriented producer of experienced results in the Spa and/or Salon industries, who is proactive in task management, and who at their core is kind, supportive, and open minded. Connect with us, share your experience with health and wellness, and tell us why you feel you would be a great addition to our team.

Professional Skills Required:

• Previous Spa or Salon management experience • Attention to Detail and Organizational Task List Management

• Client relations communication confidence, including customers as well as networking to other professionals like local businesses, groups, and influencers

• Vast knowledge of Spa/Salon services & products, including massage therapy, facials, hair salon, sauna and steam bath

• Possess patience, kindness, and an ability to work without direct supervision.

• Must currently reside in or be willing to travel often to downtown Kansas City Missouri.

Preferred (Helpful) Skills:

• Mindbody software platform • Social Media Marketing and Digital Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, etc, Canva, Squarespace)

• Knowledge of Wellness services, including life coaching, energy healing, meditation, fitness, yoga, etc

Hourly up to $22 per hour

Work week 20-30 hours per week. Some remote work, mostly onsite.

Mon 11-2, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 3-8pm, Friday 2-6pm, Saturday 9-2pm

Details and Qualifications


Hourly, Full-time,

Experience Level

1 Years Experience

Must be Licensed In