Old Town Barber College hiring for a Director of Operations

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Old Town Barber College

Old Town Barber College hiring for a Director of Operations

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Job Summary The Director of Operations works under the supervision of the Co-Owners and accepts responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the campus while creating a supportive and team-driven environment which allows students to achieve their goals. This is accomplished through collaboration and partnering with key personnel to ensure compliance, positive outcomes, strong campus operations, and a healthy and positive working environment for staff, faculty and students. Job Duties and Responsibilities: Staff Responsibilities Identify candidates, interviews and hires staff Arranges for onboarding of new administrative staff members and coordinates training in conjunction with support staff Maintain credential records for administrative staff and faculty Evaluates employee performance and effectiveness Takes necessary disciplinary action with employees such as warnings and probationary measures Assists staff and faculty with Personal Development Plans Meets with employees individually and conducts weekly administrative staff meetings Responsible for monitoring and approving payroll Admissions Supervision Creates and implements a supportive culture that encourages potential students to enroll Cooperates with the Director of Admissions initiatives and Co-Owners guidance as it pertains to admissions Approves students for enrollment and verifies accuracy of information completed on the enrollment paperwork Student Management Conducts orientation for new classes Monitors student retention and placement rates for all programs to ensure campus meets established goals and assists faculty/staff with improvement plans if necessary Provides guidance and assistance as needed Submit student reinstatement/re-entry requests for approval Takes disciplinary action when necessary Works with Financial Aid department to verify Student’s Satisfactory Progress, determines alerts/ warnings and student dismissal and meets with students accordingly Graduate Management Verifies students’ last date of attendance, reviews final progress reports and transcripts Signs and dates certificates/diplomas and transcripts Reviews student and employer surveys and forwards them along with appropriate action plans (when necessary) to the Co-Owners Oversees job development, including graduate updates and employment opportunities Financial Aid Supervision Oversees student account management to control bad debt Evaluates and verifies satisfactory progress Checks and verifies mid-points Faculty Supervision Interview and hire faculty members in collaboration with the Director of Education Supervise faculty members with assistance from the Director of Education Assign and maintain a class schedule for all faculty Advise faculty on changes, student issues and school policies May conduct instructor evaluations and reviews results with the Director of Education and C0-Owners for appropriate action As necessary, assist with providing Director of Education with suggested updates for curriculum, equipment, and resources to support the programs Career Development Supervision Monitor weekly placements, job leads, site visit schedules and unemployed graduates/externship activity while achieving established goals Review, verify and submit Career Development statistical reports Responsible for campus achieving required minimum of 70% placement rate for each program Compliance Adheres to all compliance standards and our policies and procedures, and also insures all campus staff follows all standards Responsible for assuring compliance, including integrity of data/information/processes, and student satisfaction Is current on the compliance standards and our policies and procedures Participates in audit process Monitoring/Overseeing/Leading Outcomes Daily updates from teams on goal achievements Provide instant coaching Work with Director of Education and Co-Owners on training needs to maintain and/or improve outcomes General Effectively uses SMART to gather data and accurately complete reports Strong commitment to community involvement Prepare annual reports for ACCSC and the Kansas and Missouri Board of Barbering and weekly Retention and Placement and operating reports Preps for accreditation renewals and visits and attends visitation meeting Perform Human Resources activities as needed Attends scheduled Director’s Academy meetings Monitor overall appearance and maintenance of facility Responsible for adhering to annual budget Prepared to fill in for student support representatives, admissions and career services as needed Perform related work as required Key Metrics Show consistent improvement in student retention with each program meeting, at a minimum, the ACCSC and KBOB standard of 70% and striving for our standard of 80%, while meeting the monthly drop budget Show consistent improvement in graduate placement with each program meeting, at a minimum, the ACCSC standards of 70% and striving for the our standard of 80% Show consistent improvement (year over year) in staff retention Show consistent improvement in test scores Strive for positive survey results of 85% or above (Faculty Evaluations, Graduate Surveys, Student Opinion Surveys and Employer Surveys) Must have zero tolerance for non-compliant behavior or process and have positive compliance audits

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Requirements: - Management and good communication skills - Passion for education and the Barbering service industry - Computer skills - Communication Skills Education Requirements · High school diploma · Management training and/or experience · Entrepreneurship skills or education in this field · Some college desirable

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