Salon Jobs in Duluth MN green circle salon perfect for eco conscious hair stylists and estheticians

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Duluth, MN

Salon Jobs in Duluth MN green circle salon perfect for eco conscious hair stylists and estheticians

About the Employer

We are a large luxury green circle salon that has been in business for 10 years. We choose to use primarily naturally derived products for ourselves and guests for health and eco reasons. We use a blend of products (a lot of L’ANZA but it wasn’t an option on your list) We have a 16 chair and 5 shampoo bowl salon floor and 6 suites. Our main focus is our culture and making sure our team is taken care of in and out of work. Because if they are winning at home they are winning at work. I ,as the owner, connect with everyone on my team once a month to help them meet goals, adjust timing and pricing, and see how they are as a whole. I also am a phase 3 educator of our assistant program and do all initial extension training and extensive 1:1 training with my team on things they need more guidance on. We also have our own luxury hair brand and extension method to meet the demands of our guests and advance our stylists financially in their careers. We have a large bridal industry demand and half of our team enjoys being an honorable part of the guests “Big Day”. Our suite renters also align with our culture with being helpful, inspiring and kind while running their own business in our building. They have their own dispense, shampoo bowls and break room but often spend time with us or come to our team bonding events. Salon Jobs in Duluth MN

Who fits best in this position

We have an extensive assistant program providing all the tools to be set up for success, we are looking for experienced stylists that enjoy continuing education that we provide monthly and that appreciates and adds to a positive collaborative culture and we have private suites for renters looking to be their own boss

Details and Qualifications


Commission, Booth Rental, Hourly, Full-time, Part-time,

Experience Level

Beginner or New Graduate, 1 Years Experience

Must be Licensed In