Salon Recruiting on TikTok the New Platform to find Hair Stylists to Work in Your Salon

Salon Recruiting on TikTok

Social media recruiting for salons is not a new concept but the most popular platforms for successful recruiting have changed. Salon Recruiting on TikTok has become one of the most popular platforms for people looking for inspiration and entertainment, and now it’s also a new way for salon owners to find hairstylists to work for them.

If you’re a salon owner looking for new stylists, here are some tips on how start your salon recruiting on TikTok.

Search for Hashtags

TikTok allows users to add hashtags to their videos, which makes it easier to find content related to a specific topic. To find hairstylists on TikTok, you can search for hashtags such as #hairstylist, #haircut, #haircolor, and #salon.

You can also search for more specific hashtags related to the type of stylist or area you’re looking for.  Tags like #houstonbalayage, #chicagobarber, or #miamihairextensions.

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TikTok for hiring hair professionals

Look for Trending Videos to find Hairstylists on TikTok

Trending videos on TikTok often feature popular hairstyles or hair color trends, which means they’re likely to be created by hairstylists. By scrolling through the “For You” page or searching for trending videos, you can find hairstylists who are creating content that’s popular with TikTok users.

Engage with TikTok Creators

Once you’ve found hairstylists on TikTok that you’re interested in working with, engage with their content. Leave comments on their videos and follow their account to stay updated on their latest content.

You can also reach out to them directly via TikTok’s messaging feature to ask if they’re interested in working with your salon.

Additionally, listing salon jobs on our platform is a great way to reach stylists.

Host a Contest or Challenge

Hosting a contest or challenge on TikTok is a great way to find hairstylists. Scan profiles to discover stylists who may interested in working with your salon.

You can create a challenge for students to create a specific hairstyle or hair color. This gets a lot of attention and is fun for everyone!

This not only helps you find new stylists, but it also helps to promote your salon on TikTok.

Advertise on TikTok- TikTok Hairstylist Recruitment

If you’re looking to hire stylists or want to promote your salon, you can also advertise on TikTok. TikTok ads allows you to create video ads that appear in the “For You” page. 

Target to users based on their interests and location. This is a more targeted and cost-effective way to reach stylists than traditional advertising methods. 

In conclusion, TikTok is a new way for salon owners to find hairstylists to work for them. By searching for hashtags, engaging with creators, hosting contests, and advertising on TikTok, you can find talented stylists who are looking for new opportunities. So, if you’re a salon owner looking for new talent, it’s time to embrace TikTok and start finding your next hairstylist today.

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