Salon Social Media Advertising Class

Salon Social Media Advertising Class

Want to know how to make the perfect Facebook and Social media ads? Join us for a salon social media advertising class and MASTER META ads!

CLASS IS SEPTEMBER 25th @ 12:00 CST over Zoom

Meta can be a difficult platform to navigate- join us as we explain how to create ads that work and get seen by your target audience!

We highly recommend doing the following before class:

  1. Ensure your Facebook business page and Instagram business account are tied together
  2. Poke around Facebook META to make sure your account is set up and ready to go. Watch the video below to get it set up!

Advertise for new clients, events or salon staff

Ads have a reach far beyond a follower count. They are the best way to spend money on marketing for your business.

We know this all to well. Growing can be painful, but ads don’t have to be!

Take our 90 minute class and work ads like a pro! Let’s take your business to the next level with META ads!

Class is taught by Susan Wos, Owner of Salonspa Connection

Social Media Ads Training