Seller Form

Seller Form

Combining the resources of the SALONSPA CONNECTION and fifty eight llc, we are able to provide salon owners and buyers with affordable professional services that can guide you through the complex process of buying and selling.   For Salon owners who are looking to sell, we provide you with professional and straightforward answers to the following questions about your business: How much is it worth? How do I get it sold? How much will it cost me to sell it? How do I find the right legal advice? Let us help you by assessing what it is you are needing. Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability. We will be in touch soon to privately explore what works best for you.  All services are 100% confidential. Email with any questions or if you need help filling out this form.
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Our services are customizable based on what best meets your needs. The following areas are where we offer assistance in the sale of your business:

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