Affordable Service & Support for Sellers

You have made the decision to move forward, what are your options?

Sell your Salon, Spa, Barbershop or other industry business using Salonspa Connection’s Seller Services OR handle the sale on your own!

1. Seller Services

Salonspa Connection offers a CUSTOMIZABLE service menu for any seller who feels this task feels a bit daunting.

We can help you with:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements and Confidentiality
  • Representation
  • Marketing/Finding the best opportunity
  • Valuations/Financial
  • Negotiations
  • Legal/Contracts

All services are CONFIDENTIAL, priced affordably and are provided by Salon and Spa experts in Kansas City!

Check “Full Service Consultation” below

Who will you be working with? Check out who we are HERE

2. DIY or Business Broker

Your second option is to handle the selling yourself or list with us for maximum exposure if you are in a contract with a Business Broker. Plan descriptions:




Sell your bussiness DIY

Fill out this form if you are interested in selling your business ON YOUR OWN/ without Salonspa Connection’s assistance. This purchase buys you a listing on our Opportunity Board, posts on our social media accounts, boosted posts/ advertising and the ability to connect with buyers on your own.

Choose from our basic, advanced or premium packages.

Listing will be removed after your business is sold!

*May add to advertising budget at any time with any listing option.

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