Barber Insurance Find Insurance for your Barbershop and Barbers

Barber Insurance | Find Insurance for your Barbershop and Barbers

When choosing companies for a barber insurance policy, you are faced with many choices. Barbers and Barbershops are vulnerable professions in the salon industry for legal issues.

Having the right insurance is crucial to operating a successful barber business.  The fact is- clients sue barbershop owners, barber booth renters and barbershop employees. Barbers are often targets for insurance claims that may or may or may not be valid.

Protect your business with a company that specializes in barbershop insurance, check out GILD for small business coverage, today!

Get Barbering Insurance That Works Harder for You

Getting the right coverage for your business insurance will save heartache, loss and give you comfort in doing the best job possible. Work with a company that specializes in the nail salon industry- GILD to get the best liability coverage, property insurance and business equipment policies available.

What Barbershop Insurance Coverages Should I Have?

Barber shop insurance should include: business insurance and professional liability insurance for barbers if you have employees. Workers compensation is required by law if you pay barbers as employees.

Commercial property insurance and business property coverage is a must for shop owners. If you own the building, costs can vary from if you are a tenant.

If your barbers use your vehicles to perform mobile barber services you need commercial auto insurance. Get clarity on your small business insurance needs with GILD contact for a custom quote, today!

Third-party, non-employee bodily injury

Professional barbers will need coverage to protect your business when non-employee bodily injury occurs. Save money with free quotes from GILD and save defense costs, today! Contact GILD to discuss insurance policies for your barber business.

Medical costs and medical bills can run sky high without quality barber insurance. Don’t fall into the trap of wanting to save money and not get barber insurance coverage- it’s not worth it!

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What Type of Insurance Do I Need for My Barber Business?

If you own a shop, and have employees, you will need workers comp insurance coverage and possibly additional insureds. You will need general liability insurance, commercial property insurance as well as income for small business insurance coverage. GILD combines these policies for shop owners, get a free quote, today!

If you are an independent barber or you pay booth rental fees to work in a shop, you need professional liability insurance. This is when you may accidentally cut a customer’s ear or for professional mistakes that occur when self employed. GILD walks you through what you need to be protected with barber insurance.

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Third-party property damage & Business insurance

Barber insurance protects you against the unforeseen. Stolen equipment, cars coming through the shop and broken mobile phones pose the most common risks for shops.

You never know what is going to happen. Ensure your customers can’t take your business down, contact GILD today for a free financial protection insurance quote!


Let’s face it- Barbers need insurance. We get sued, have accidents and break ins occur. If only we could just cut hair and go home with no worries! Most small businesses do not escape a lawsuit, threat or legal fees in the business lifecycle.

If you are a self employed barber, you need your own barber insurance policy. If you are an employee, you would only need to insure tools if you have invested a lot of money in shears and clippers. GILD can help you understand what liability insurance you need, contact them today for a fair quote!

Being a sought after barber is cool! Let’s say you post a video that goes viral or you are invited on a show that features your barber shop.

Suddenly you have more customers and money than you know what do do with. The cool turns into a nightmare if you get the wrong guys in your chair or someone has an accident. NONE of the prestige matters if you haven’t taken the right steps to protect yourself!

Protect your business you have worked so hard to build with the right insurance policy for professional barbers. Contact GILD and avoid lost wages and lawsuits from cutting a client’s hair, today!

Professional liability insurance

Shop owners and independent barbers need professional liability insurance. This allows you to perform professional services without the worry of wrongful or frivolous lawsuits. Contact GILD today for a affordable policies for the barber industry.

Paying defense costs when you are self employed can add up fast! Workplace injuries happen, don’t let your business fail from not having the right company on your side.

Contact GILD today to get understand the common risks providing barber services have and get the protection you need to rest easy on your off day!

Damage to someone’s property

Things happen! In most cases, Barber shop insurance covers property damage to client’s personal belongings such as phones, cars or jewelry.

Don’t pay too much for a policy, protect your business and yourself with a company that works with barbers, specifically. Contact GILD insurance for the best rates, today.

Workplace injuries

We all have an off day! Workplace injuries happen- slip and fall, stolen property and altercations at work are covered with a general liability insurance policy. Shop owners need workers comp if you have employees. Avoid over paying and get the coverage you need to run a successful barber shop business with GILD, today.


How Much Does Barber insurance cost?

Coverage for barber insurance depends on several factors. Are you at a higher risk for accidents, break ins or stolen property? GILD walks you through cost and what you need for your shop or booth renter business.

Insuring equipment, past claims, policy details, working from home or in a shop are factors in price. Generally speaking, barber insurance is very affordable, you can pay month by month or for one year, upfront.

Don’t pay too much! Big companies often over charge. GILD licensed agents can provide a certificate of insurance quickly and affordably, contact them today for a free quote!

Injuries and damage involving your business vehicles

Commercial auto insurance and additional insured policy is important to have when your barbers drive to serve customers. Bodily injury involving vehicles or property damage can destroy a barber shop business.

Contact GILD for the best coverage and pricing for barbershop insurance and business income, today!

General Liability Insurance for Barbers | Barber Insurance Agency

Barber insurance protects you and your business whether you own a shop or are a self employed barber. This means claims from bodily injury, property damage or accidents that occur when you cut a client’s hair.

Without having the right coverage, you are at risk for lawsuits and losing your business. Get a certificate of insurance for general liability with the company that works with the Barber industry.

Do you need your own barber insurance policy? If you are an independent contractor, (not and employee), then YES! Working in an in home barber shop does NOT mean you won’t get sued.

GILD helps protect you against false customer claims, contact them today for a free quote!

Slips and Falls

Medical bills can run sky high in a barber shop without proper insurance coverage. Working with hair products and water eventually lead to slippery floors.

Make sure you have the right barber insurance policy, contact GILD to see if you are covered, today!

Fire Damage

Commercial property insurance helps protect from fire damage. Barber shop insurance protects your tools, equipment and get reimbursed for property damage with the best company for barber insurance- GILD.

Barber Insurance FAQs

Small business needs insurance protection against financial losses. Finding the best barber insurance agency is tough with so many options. GILD can answer all of your insurance questions, they work with the barber industry, helping barber shops and booth renters get the coverage they need to be protected.

General liability insurance helps a barber shop and workers get their own barber insurance policy. Services are just part of the big picture in getting the coverage you need to be protected.

Find out if you need additional insured parties on your policy and get a custom quote that is affordable today with GILD.

Why Should I Get Insurance for My Barber Shop Business?

Let’s say a customer gets cut by a barber working in your shop. Clients come in all shapes and sizes and some are on the lookout to take advantage of small businesses.

There are many accidents and incidents that can and do occur in a barber shop. Anytime you perform services on customers, you are at risk for a lawsuit.

Understand which insurance policies you need in your barber shop with a company that specializes in the barber industry. Contact GILD insurance today for a free quote!

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance protects barber shops with employees, not booth renters. Lost wages and claims from a barber employee who is unlawfully terminated can be troublesome. Workers compensation is part of barber insurance policy for shops that have employees.

GILD insurance specializes in barber insurance, contact them today to see how they can help you!

Why Choose Simply Business or inland marine insurance?

Barbers insurance should come from a company that works with the barber industry and barbershops, period. You need an insurance company that understands the industry and actively works with barber customers. Contact GILD, barber industry specialists, today!

GILD beats Hartford Insurance for a barber shop and for a barber. Contact GILD today for the best rates and protect yourself against a sue happy customer, today!

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