Hair and Salon Affiliate Programs

Hair and Salon Affiliate Programs

Hair and salon affiliate programs are plentiful and a great way to make extra money with every sale! If you are a licensed stylist, esthetician, barber, nail tech or just someone who loves haircare, being an affiliate may be a good choice for you.

You are going to want to bookmark this page! This is THE most comprehensive beauty affiliate referral program list available on the internet.

Our list includes BOTH Salon and Spa professional products and consumer products. Search for your favorite brands below, discover new products and start making money, today!

Salonspa Connection Affiliate Commission: Highest Payout Salon Referral

We pay $100 for every salon business seller referral. See details below!

Welcome to the world of lucrative hair affiliate programs!

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Learn About Hair and Salon Retail Affiliate Programs

Hi! I am so glad you are here! Get all the deets on hair, spa and salon retail affiliate programs HERE!

What is a salon affiliate?

A salon affiliate is a person or business that sells products online- on blogs, online stores, on social media or email marketing. You are credited when you sell to salon professionals or the general public. Salon affiliates register for product companies individual programs and receive a commission on each sale they make. Commissions vary widely between product companies, make sure to read payout details before becoming a salon affiliate.

So, what is this all about and who is it for?

If you are into making money, you love your hair and skin products- this is for you!

We will walk you through every program we found, how to make a sale, and questions you need answers to before becoming an affiliate.

Get the scoop, decide which programs will make you a sale, and get our tips for running successful hair and salon affiliate programs. Earn commissions by promoting top-notch hair products, care items, and tools. Join now!

Brands have done the hard work, they just need people to promote. They know that with every sale is a potential lifetime customer, now you can hop on thier bus and go for a lucrative ride!

Hair Product Affiliate Programs: Partner with leading brands and promote their high-quality hair products. Earn big! There are hundreds of salon professional and consumer products that have an affiliate program.

Check with each company to determine if you have to be a licensed hair stylist, nail technician, esthetician or massage therapist to sell their quality products.

A little backstory on why we created this list…

My name is Susan Wos, I am the owner of Salonspa Connection and I’m behind the chair 1 day a week. When I get out from behind the computer and talk with PEOPLE, at least for a little while.

I stopped selling retail years ago, this is why: Diversion and big box stores got the best of me. I got tired of spending money on hair salon retail that may or may not sell.

Yet, my tiny hair client base STILL asked for products and recommendations

Not selling hair care products was just plain stupid. WHY would I pass up the opportunity to make extra money, earn top commission rates and make every sale I could?

Well, I stopped with the stupid and started looking into professional hair product affiliate programs. THEN I found a ton of quality products from small businesses, trying to get their name out there.

I was left with no choice- help all of these companies, (and you), connect to help each other. Once I joined some professional salon retail programs, I was READY to get started.

So I grabbed my main affiliate link and I ran with it.

I’m lucky enough to have the platform so I created space on my website, added QR codes to my business cards and BOOM! Suddenly I was making more money than I ever thought possible, and all I had to do was share my link.

If you are a licensed beauty professional or if you are just a product hound, I compiled the biggest list I could find so you too can make more money. Check with EACH program to ensure their products are sold to the public or if they are for licensed salon and spa professionals only.

So, has a hair affiliate program changed my life?

Well, yes! I absolutely love being able to provide my clients, (and others), with this resource. The extra money doesn’t hurt, either!

Read on to find out how hair care industry programs work for an affiliate. Get an affiliate link and start selling, today!

What is an affiliate program and how does this work?

Generally speaking, you get an affiliate link after being approved to help sell products in the hair care industry. First step is to apply, this looks different with every company.

Your link is key to your success, make sure to prominently display your link wherever possible.

Haircare is one of the most recession proof, lucrative industries out there. If you have an audience or can get access to a large group of potential buyers, every sale you make means extra cash!

Once you are approved and join you are typically given an affiliate portal. Your affiliate portal tracks affiliate sales, provides marketing materials, coupon codes and sometimes you can track website traffic from your affiliate portal.

Some programs give you thirty days to close a sale if customers abandon their cart. Other companies provide great resources like long term cookie duration.

Cookie duration is when you have a link tracking program. Other popular products only have one page for customers to buy products from you.

Understand how each company prefers for you to conduct business.

Do they require a purchase or do you get credit for sign-ups? Is there an average order value you need to meet? What is the commission rate for their program?

Do you need to buying shampoos before you start selling with your affiliate program a requirement? Is it free joining as an affiliate? Do you have an audience for the sale of cosmetics, shampoo, conditioners, haircare, skin products, or maybe you have a niche.

Can you sell textured hair products if you don’t have experience with curly hair? How do you refer a customer, how does the company treat their affiliates?

Is the commission rate worth your time? What benefits come with your link?

Discounts, customer promotions and to refer people to your new brand can be challenging. Flesh these things out before you go to too much effort in your blog, website, email list or social media!

Keep a healthy attitude, understand the brand, create good content and offer things for free, whenever possible.

Commission rates vary widely from company to company.

You may only be able to market a specific product or a handful of select hair care industry products. Does a coupon code count against you? What do you need to promote your account? What does it take to make a sale?

Do you have a sales style? Some of you may need resources or can you hang the sign on your own? Plans to blog for customers to make a purchase is great, but can you drive visitors to your website?? Can you get to a customer before another affiliate uses their link? Does every sale count or do you need to meet a minimum range in your account before your cookie duration is up?

Sell hair salon products online. Hair, skin and nail companies want sales.

If you want to sell hair salon products online, consider there programs. Think about which type of hair affiliate program would work best for you. Do you have colored hair? What about men’s products? Are you a fan of natural ingredients? Is healthy hair your thing or do you have another niche? Would you rather sell tools or participate with wet line products?

When working with a brand, requirements for behavioral conduct range widely. Some hair care products have stringent rules, and some have none! What we do know is every sale counts, access to these companies can be found in our wide range of hair care products list.

If you have a website, create a page like this to send haircare customers to ALL of your hair product affiliate programs! It’s important to stay organized to make a sale, good affiliates understand how to manage their account and get sign ups.

Create interest in your products, give away free stuff as much as possible, drive traffic to your haircare blog, multi-link or wherever you hold your offerings. Make every sale a return customer and get the most out of your hair product affiliate programs!

Selling hair product- a no brainer?

If you join a specific product line, be ready to advertise! Selling a hair product is easier when you have access to a large community. Sales are not easy and shampoos are everywhere!

Hair product affiliate programs can be very lucrative but you need to be consistent and organized. Every sale can lead to another, don’t get discouraged if it takes awhile to make a sale- most companies offer residual income from a future sale.

If joining an affiliate program sounds like easy money, it can be! Just get ready to talk about your favorite hair product and focus on sales. You will need to create a plan that doesn’t annoy your friends and family.

Consider a new social media account, know your audience and focus on women unless you are in a specific product niche. Haircare offers a wide variety of options, see our list for ideas on how you can make every sale an additional stream of income!

Hair Growth Programs:

Hair restoration and hair regrowth is a big audience with a wide range of ages to market to. These customers are basically wearing a sign- they want treatments! Wouldn’t you like to help people get thicker, fuller hair? Become an affiliate, send your affiliate link and reap the rewards of this fast growing, easier sale niche.

Hair Care Affiliate Programs:

Promote effective hair care solutions and earn while helping people achieve luscious locks. Join most of these programs for free. Shop the brand to understand their audience.

Natural Hair Programs:

Celebrate natural beauty! Earn money by promoting products tailored for natural hair product affiliate program.

Black Hair Care Product ideas:

Support diversity and beauty. Join an affiliate program catering to black hair care needs. Collaborate with well-known hair companies and earn money promoting their products.

Wig Affiliate Programs:

Become a wig advocate and earn commissions by recommending various wig styles and types. Work with brands you love and get paid! Your affiliate link is gold with a wig company.

Textured and Curly Hair Affiliate Programs:

Embrace the curls! Earn while promoting products specially designed for curly hair. People are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on hair products these days to keep their hair healthy and shiny. Why not help them with every sale!

Hair Extensions Affiliate Program:

Help others achieve long locks and earn money through hair extensions affiliate programs. The hair extension companies are laughing all the way to the bank- you can too. Make a high commission rate with a target audience, today!

Skin Care Programs:

Expand your horizons! Promote professional grade, esthetician products alongside hair items for holistic beauty. Estheticians can add to their income without carrying a ton of skin care products in their spas!

Treatments can get expensive for clients but they still may want to give you a sale. Consider creating a free way for your clients to take home and use alongside their hair care lines. Use your affiliate link in place of expensive retail.

Hair and Salon Affiliate Programs:

Partner with salon professional companies and earn by driving clients to their services and products.

Hair Styling Tools Affiliate Programs:

Recommend top-notch styling tools and earn while helping people achieve fabulous hairstyles.

Don’t miss out on these fantastic opportunities. Join hair affiliate programs today and turn your passion into profits!