Websites for Salons and Hairstylists

Websites for Salons and Hairstylists

Hi there! Did you know we were meant to find each other? Our websites for salons and hairstylists service is like no other website builder, out there… We carefully planned for the right people to find US, happy to see you here!

You see, we know how to find great people who are ready to do business. We also know how to make websites that rank high on search engines and grow salon businesses.

Salon industry owners and independents want an influx of new clients and for your salon to be seen. You may also be hiring- the right website builder fulfills both of these needs!

Having a great hair salon website design is crucial in today’s digital age. 

We see thousands of salon industry websites in any given month. A great first impression can create a lifetime client. Not so great salon websites send visitors to other salons.

How do salons grow?

Salons grow through an amazing salon website, great marketing initiatives and good reputations. Search engines are king for new clients and for recruiting.

Imagine your website visitors experience…

They find you through Google or possibly social media. They are overwhelmed by stunning images and they love what they see in your services online, so they book an appointment, right away. Best case scenario!

Now, imagine potential new salon clients are on the search for a new hair stylist. They manage to find your website but are met with questions about the salon’s services. They can’t find the information they need to know about your business, in order to convert them into a new client.

Are you losing clients because of your hair salon website?

These client’s don’t book an appointment, they go find someone else. Today’s client wants to know your key services, salon hours and book appointments for their desired service, NOW.

Does your salon website design produce results?

The fact is, MOST salons do not have a stunning beauty salon website that draws visitors in, enough to become a loyal customer and book an appointment. Top salon websites draw both new clients and people who are looking to work for you into your salon.

Some salons just get lucky- they are the only salon in their area or they have enough foot traffic to make up for a less than great, one page website.

Will you chance the future of your business on luck, or being the hot new salon business in town? We wouldn’t either!

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First impressions MATTER. 

You know what they say…you never get a second chance to make a great first impression! As cliche as this sounds, it’s true.

What impression does your hair salon website give?

The thing about website visitors is you almost NEVER know who you have made an impression on. Visitors find you but didn’t see they type of hair salon business they were interested in.

While it’s great to turn away the right potential customers, it’s devastating to turn off the right ones with a not so great website. Allow us to create a beautiful salon website from scratch or redo your current site, highlighting your best salon services!

We provide website help for salons, spas and independent beauty pros- find out if you need our magic

Salon website inventory check:

  • Do you have a website you are proud of?

  • Are you using an alternative to a real website, such as a Facebook page, multi link or salon booking software site?

  • Is the design of your website effective and pleasing to the eye?

  • Is your website generating the business you need?

  • Are you attracting your ideal clients?

  • Are you ranking high in search engines and generating business online?

  • Do you get applicants from your website who just can’t wait to work for you?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, we should chat.

A Happy Client: Brooke Needed a Great Hair Salon Website Makeover

Not Your Average Stylist- Brooke Kenyon, is a rockstar hair stylist and experienced educator. She had a few transitions in her career and had decided to refocus on rebuilding a large clientele while growing her independent education brand.

The only problem was Brooke’s website was NOT producing the results she wanted. Brooke needed more potential customers to convert with online booking, registrations for her classes and marketing strategies that didn’t break the bank.

Brooke knew a good website design was the solution. She needed a stunning website, search engine optimization and an elegant design to draw in the right potential clients.

Customized hair salon website solutions

After we went through the best beauty salon website examples, we decided to customize her site to be a more user friendly website design. Her results will amaze you… 

A complete website makeover boosted Brooke’s confidence in her brand! The call to action buttons funnel her website visitors to EXACTLY where she wants them to go.  Take a peek at her salon website examples, before and after, below!

Make sure to check out our work on Laredo’s Finest Spa, home of the best Permanent Makeup in Texas.


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salon website examples

A Great Salon Website Makes You MONEY

Let’s face it, you are in business to be making money! If your website isn’t producing the results you need for your business, let’s talk! We specialize in the salon, spa and barber industry and we can help YOU get where you want to be!

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Salon Websites by Design Inspiration

What does working with an industry specific company offering Websites for Salon Owners and hairstylists look like? Our industry is different…full of creatives and entrepreneurs who don’t always understand the power of a great salon website.

When clients take you seriously, they open their wallets. When hair stylists are looking for jobs or booth rental openings, they scan salon websites.

Grow your business by getting new salon clients

The decision making process for both new clients and hair salon hires is similar when visiting a salon’s website. Hair salons need to showcase not only hair care services, they need to demonstrate who they are, FAST!

The average new website visitors will make a decision to book an appointment online or contact you for a job in 10 seconds. Make your brand stand out regardless if you have one, two salon locations or more!

Why are Hair Salon Websites important for business?

Hair salon websites are important for business because it is the #1 way to drive traffic and establish authority in your city. Salons near me is searched over 3 million times a month! The question is, are you showing up in that search?

Many salon industry owners and hair stylists take the power of what a great site showcases for granted. Salon clients want to be drawn into your business- not confused or put off by a bad user friendly website design.

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What are the Best Hair Salon Websites?

The best hair salon websites are those that are user friendly, have clear call to action buttons, showcase the different services, have clickable social media icons, and demonstrate the complete picture of your salon.

Brooke’s old website design is a great example of personal design inspiration over a great menu bar and elegant design. Sure, her site may have looked cool but it did not get the traffic she wanted and resulted in not one online booking appointment.

The best hair salon website ideas are thoughtfully designed by an expert

There are millions of ideas, website builders and website designer companies out there. Working with a company that does not understand salon businesses can be a giant waste of your precious time and money.

Get access to the best hair salon websites

Salonspa Connection understands salon, spa and barber business. We have designed countless websites for beauty industry owners and salon professionals.

Why take the chance on someone who doesn’t understand your needs? Request a free consultation today to see how we can help you!

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What is SEO for hair salons?

SEO for hair salons is structuring content for your salon website design that puts you at the top of search engines. MOST beauty industry websites are created without great SEO and the owners of the website rarely know the difference!

SEO is Hair Salon Marketing

The best hair salon websites are designed to not only be easy to use and visually pleasing, they are designed as permanent marketing strategies. The best marketing strategies are being as visible as possible to potential customers and hair stylists looking for jobs.

SEO for websites takes an expert! Salonspa Connection has the knowledge and expertise to implement SEO into current websites and into a brand new salon website design.

SEO done correctly equals high visibility. Capture potential clients on search engines and get links to articles, blogs and directories with Salonspa Connection’s SEO for a hair salon program.

How does SEO help a salon?

SEO helps salons by pushing your business above competitors in searches for services or terms you want to show up for.

For instance, you live in a city where there are 3 salons named Muse Salon. You want your Muse Salon to be at the top of these searches.

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Get in front of your ideal salon clients

Great SEO not only ranks you first, it also puts you at the top for all the services you want to drive attention to! Terms like hair extensions, balayage, hair cut, blow out bar or hiring can all be pushed to the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo with expert SEO.

SEO is the best hair salon recruitment tool

Is your salon hiring or trying to gain new customers? Recruitment for jobs or new business is easily accomplished with proper SEO.

What happens when someone searches for salon jobs near me? What about booth rental salons near me?

Try these search terms for your city. If you aren’t on the first page, you need SEO.

Salon recruiting is a ton of work, showing up at the top of search engines for hiring is a permanent solution to ongoing hiring needs.

Search Engine Optimization for Salon Business (SEO)

Salonspa Connection incorporates SEO into our website design inspiration. We believe that creating a visually appealing salon website design without SEO would be a disservice to both owners and beauty professionals.

Engaging in SEO services demands time and your active involvement. To initiate the process, we begin with establishing a proper menu bar. Subsequently, we delve into identifying the services you aim to prioritize. We meticulously assess your online store, strategize how clients should book appointments, and devise a plan for achieving heightened visibility.

We gather all the necessary details to pave the way for your online business triumph! Discover more about our approach by scheduling a free consultation today!

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Example of a salon website menu bar

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A Hair Salon Website without SEO is like having shoes with no feet

What good is a salon website without SEO? Without SEO you do have the opportunity to organically rank based on location and a beautiful site to share.

Unfortunately, in this competitive salon market, a website without SEO doesn’t get you as far. SEO equals new business and exponential growth.

All Salonspa Connection website services include expert level SEO.

Websites for Hair Stylists and Independent Beauty Professionals

Are you out on your own, searching for ways to gain new business? Booth rental and salon suite rental grows in popularity, every day.

Standing out from salons, spas and other beauty pros can be very difficult! One of the best marketing strategies is a fantastic website design!

Why does a salon suite need a salon website?

Salon suite renters and independent beauty pros are business owners who grow their businesses through salon websites and other marketing initiatives.

Referrals or a ton of social media connections bring in clients if you don’t have a great hair salon website. Salon suite websites provide the best way to create an ongoing and effective new client acquisition funnel.

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Social Media is volatile for growing beauty and hair services

Are you spending a lot of time on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok trying to grow a clientele? This neverending time and money suck is not only a volatile way to grow a business, it is frustrating as all get out!

Paid ads can produce results for new business, but what happens when the ads finish? The best websites eliminate the necessity of constantly being on social media and paying for expensive ads.

Our best salon website examples not only look visually pleasing but also generate high traffic from search engines.  Salonspa Connection designs salon websites to grow a salon business, regardless of its size.

Search engines over hair salon social media

The lifespan of social media platforms is limited. The social media powerhouse, Facebook, has now been challenged by TikTok with droves of salon professionals leaving both Facebook and Instagram for a more entertaining social experience.

Salons and professionals have many options for social platforms these days to market their services. The problem with social platforms is you are limited to who is on the platform and where they hang out.

Is there more business for salons and hair stylists on Google vs social media?

Yes, Google reaches all potential clients while social media is limited to who is on the social platforms. Search engines are the #1 way to grow a salon business, you just need to know how to show up in the searches.

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Salon names that are hard to rank for without a great salon website

Is the name of your salon hard to remember or spell? Names like Versa salon or Lavish salon can be harder to promote. Lavish salon is a very common name for a hair and nail salon with over 3,000 variations of Lavish salon currently being used across the US and Canada.

Versa salon or Cinta salon are tough names to recall and sometimes spell. Why not stand out for the services menu instead of competing with bad spellers!

Get tips on what to name your salon with our blog post- Salon Name Ideas.

Get creative with salon names to show higher on search engines

Salon names like Neville Hair or Wild Moon Hair Company will make the salon stand out online. The more simple a name, the better!

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Salon Website Design Programs

Owners and independent beauty professionals may find it confusing to choose a platform for their hair salon website. However, your task is to run your business, and you can leave the tech stuff to us!

Whether you are constructing a salon website independently or opting for Salonspa Connection, consider the following as the finest nail salon and hair salon website builders

WordPress Hair Salon Websites

WordPress is the most complex of all website template and builder options. We love WordPress because the options for growth are unlimited.

WordPress is offers the best SEO opportunities, most comprehensive plug ins and best templates for salon websites.

WordPress makes it easy to highlight the beauty salon’s services, great menu bar and includes the top gallery screen plug ins. We use WordPress for salons who are dead serious about exponential growth.

Squarespace Hair Salon Website Design

Our second favorite hair salon website builder is Squarespace. This is an easier platform to use for hands on owners who want an amazing design and have the freedom to add and edit on their own.

Squarespace templates are some of the best on the web. The easy to customize options, branding kit input and upgrades offer the perfect solution for one location salons.

Squarespace makes it easy to highlight your services menu, add contact details and make your hair salon website a new customer generating machine!

Wix Hair Salon Website Design

Wix is the most commonly used platform for beginners. We like Wix for a hair salon website because it provides basic SEO, pre-fabbed templates and is easier to use for most any hair salon owner.

Wix is affordable and offers several options for ecommerce, services menu bar for non-hair related offerings such as education and allows multiple salon locations. A few drawbacks of Wix is it can be a bit clunky and it easy to add too much to one page, taking away from your customer acquisition process.

All of these hair salon website options are great, specific salon needs should dictate which platform you choose to host your website.

Let us help you choose the best platform for your salon, today!

Let the salon website builder grow your business

Our customized salon website builder solutions are growth focused and budget friendly! Most SEO and salon website builder charge separately for each service. Salonspa Connection includes expert SEO in your hair salon website.

You need a great hair salon website to grow.

Understanding what the best hair salon websites can do for your salon is key. Using salon software like Gloss Genius as a website, significantly reduces your opportunity to get new business and hire.

If you are invested in your hair business, contact us today to reach your business goals!

Salonspa Connection Website Services Menu

We offer solutions for every shape and size nail salon, spa, barber shop and hair salon. The major difference in choosing us is the added benefit of expert SEO.

#1 Brand New Salon Website Design

Just starting out or ready to move your hair salon business to the next level? let’s start you off on the right foot with a stunning website design that produces the exact results you desire!

#2 Hair Salon Websites Makeover

Do you have a salon website that you just don’t care for or that needs an expert overhaul? We take your existing site and improve upon what you already have!

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