Salon Industry Resources

Salon Industry Resources

Welcome to the ultimate salon industry resources company- Salonspa Connection! The mission of our services is to provide a non brand affiliated, comprehensive salon, spa and barber business research platform.

We believe in giving both owners and salon professionals a safer experience for your salon business and career needs. Often companies are motivated by benefits that are designed to line pocketbooks of large corporations.

We provide features, information and data you won’t find, anywhere else! Check out our main navigation for broad categories of salon related things that may interest you.

Get the tips you need to grow in your career! Reach out to us for help, job suggestions on how we can improve content, with questions or just tell us what’s on your mind 🙂

Below are links to our salon resources for you to search.

Salonspa Connection: The Reliable Salon Industry Resources Group

Hey there! We are so excited you found us, let us give you a quick overview of the salon, spa and barber resources we provide.

On the hunt for a new salon job, booth rental or salon suite rental? Check out our jobs page for thousands of the best opportunities! Need to recruit salon professionals? We can give you the space and the salon advice & consultation needed to find, attract and hire more beauty pros! Visit our Owners options to learn more.

We sell salon businesses

We sell salon businesses…and spas. And barber shops. And schools! Visit our salons for sale page to find your next venture or list your business for sale, today!

Actually, we provide a ton of free value to the salon industry. It’s hard to wrap all we do into a few paragraphs! Use the search bar below to enter key words of what interests you the most. Give our Facebook and Instagram page a look or connect with the owner of Salonspa Connection, Susan Wos, on LinkedIn.

For more Salon Industry Resources, visit our resource page.

Ready to start your own salon?

There is much to consider when starting your own salon. We can help provide the knowledge and partnerships needed for things like payment services, consulting companies, instructional videos and more!

Just use the search bar above to enter the key words for areas in which you need advice. Save our site in your browser and give us a shout out or video testimonial to let the world know, we are here to help!

For more Salon Resources, visit our resource page.

resources for salon ideas

Resources for Salon Ideas

One of the best ways to research salons is on our job board! Check out what other owners are doing, saying and planning on our jobs page.

Hair Salon Industry Resources

In need of some great resources for your hair salon? Use our search feature to type in a word or two that reflects the resource you need, below!

For more Salon Resources, visit our resource page.

Salon Definition

To call a room, building or space a salon, a salon or barber chair needs to be present. This should be accompanied by a shampoo bowl, tools for hair or nail services as well as a licensed hair stylist, barber or nail technician.

For more Salon Industry Resources, visit our resource page.

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For more Salon Resources, visit our resource page.

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Hi there! We are a US based national, (and international), salon resource group! If you are looking for National Salon Resources, visit their website, we are Salonspa Connection.

For more Salon Resources, visit our resource page.

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For more Salon Resources, visit our resource page.

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For more Salon Resources, visit our resource page.