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  • Matchmaking Services + Social Media Promotions
  • Hiring System + Salonspa Connection Listing


One opportunity listing
$ 20 Monthly
  • Basic Applicant Info
  • Ideal for Suite Mates
  • Website Listing


One opportunity listing
$ 40 Monthly
  • Basic Applicant Info
  • Ideal for maximum exposure
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Priority Website Listing

What is the difference between Enlightened Hire and Salonspa Connection?

Recruitment Tools | Salon and Spa Hiring

Enlightened Hire is a international offering- a Matchmaking & hiring system for those who want a customizable and comprehensive hiring + recruiting solution. Cover all aspects of hiring and recruiting with Enlightened Hire.
Salonspa Connection provides advertising and marketing for any opportunity without prequalification. 
The first-ever compatibility + recruiting tool designed to help Salon Industry Owners & Professionals find their perfect match. Applicants connect to jobs and booth rental openings on our website, through our internal Matchmaking system and from your recruiting efforts. Each party is provided a compatibility report, detailing if the opportunity is a fit, or if it isn't.

How many listings can I post?

Unlimited! With a subscription, we will list open positions for each of your locations. You are free to post any available job openings or booth rental opportunities under unlimited categories.
Free registration is offered for Enlightened Hire. We have three Monthly subscription options that suit any owner's budget and needs. Not ready for a subscription? Buy our Bundles and screen any applicant on your timeframe. *Salonspa Connection listings only available with Enlightened Hire Monthly Subscriptions.

Who is Enlightened Hire for?

Busy owners and managers who desire the best fit for thier individual business model.

How does the Monthly Listing option work?

Your listing collects basic applicant information only. Interested job + booth rental candidates apply through our website, which is delivered to you without revealing your email address. Applicants will also reach out to you directly after seeing your listing on our website or advertisement on social media.

Can I make changes to my listing?

Yes. You may edit or change your listing any time. Log into your account to retrieve your applicant's information.

How many listings does this include?

Your listing is good for one open position. Choose all categories that are appropriate for your Salon, Spa or Barbershop- Hair, Nails, Esthetics, Massage other to get the maximum use out of your listing. You may change or edit the listing and category as your openings get filled up or change.

How often do you update the job board?

We are committed to maintaining an up-to-date, current job board. Listings always stay current and fresh.

Who is this program for?

The Monthly Listing Program is ideal for owners with: