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How does Salon Booth Rental Work?

Stylists pay an upfront daily, weekly or monthly fee or booth rental lease charge. This means you are independent and responsible for your clients, products and expenses.

Read our blog to learn if this is the right choice for you. Use our beauty business calculator to determine costs to rent space vs income, here.

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Why You Should Consider Renting a Booth as a Stylist

When beginning a hair stylist’s career, you shouldn’t consider renting booths. A more traditional job in a salon, spa or barbershop helps you build, learn and grow!

Set Your Own Schedule | Beauty Business Bosses

Booth renting is much like when you own business for yourself. What works for other stylists, may not work for you! Do your research before making this choice, especially right out of school.

What are the Disadvantages of Booth Renting?

As in independent contractor you have several responsibilities. Working a flexible schedule may seem like a dream but you have additional expenses like utilities, and being your own front desk staff!

Working in an Established Salon with Your Own Beauty Business

If you want your own salon, without the hassle of staff, salon suites may be the best option for you. Don’t overlook an open concept salon- a new business can take time to pay off.

Set a budget, ask for a week free and expect to work hard to profit!

Understand that Marketing Your Business is Incredibly Important

Marketing yourself is part of being a successful salon professional. Although most salons offer benefits or amenities, ultimately, building clientele is up to you.

Salon suites offer little support, go into these spaces with caution, and make sure you can manage your own beauty business, first.

In Salon Suites, You are Responsible for Your Own Supplies

Suites may provide large furniture, sinks and shampoo bowls as well as laundry. Equipment, product and client management in suites is 100% up to you.

Schedule Your Appointments and Consider Salon Software

Salon booking software takes a lot of work off of a salon owner or booth renter’s plate. Explore the features, ask for a free trial and see how the software interacts in a different browser before making a purchase.

Some software will help you market yourself, offers amenities such as checking your client’s card for available funds and some offer product discounts and incentives.

Booth Rental Tips for a Profitable Business

Don’t let the allure of a flexible schedule make you think a suite is the only option! Salon suite dwellers struggle to be profitable too.

A strong client base, great organizational skills and money management are the keys to a successful business. When moving to a new location it;s a great time to create a solid process for regaining lost clients and creating great habits.

Contracts and the Booth Rental Salon Agreement

Salon suites rental agreement outlines what the space offers and any additional perks. You will need insurance to protect your business and your space.

Some locations suggest the support of protecting chairs and tools, if you own them. Days ago we didn’t have to worry about getting sued or having more money stolen.

Don’t take chances on your success- read the beauty contract carefully, visit the salon’s location to do an on site inspection to ensure all of the suite contact inclusions are accurate.

Choose a Salon in the Perfect Location

Working in a space too far from home makes for a long week! Find the perfect location on our listing site and discover the spaces you have been dreaming about!

Need a professional upgrade? Days ago it was much easier to find a great beauty job or suite. Our listing display is like shopping at a beauty store- so may great choices, it’s a matter of what works best for you.

Starting a Suite Rental Business as a Salon Owner

Renting a chair to a barber or stylist can be a stable revenue stream. Days ago, it was easier to find people to work in a beauty business.

Research the market before becoming an owner. A suite is attractive to both clients and a beauty professional but there are a lot of suite options!

Read about suites trends in our blog before you pull the trigger.

Paying Rent as a Salon Booth Renter by Week

Renters typically pay by week for their space. Stylists with a lot of clients will usually be on time.

If rent is overdue, count how many days ago the due date was and add an additional charge for each day.

Deciding on the Rental Rate

The rental cost must be reasonable so hairstylists can afford to pay, and have the ability to provide for themselves. Not so many days ago, rental rates were cheap and customers services were more affordable.

If your boothies struggle to earn, suggest an online store so customers can buy retail at any time and beauty pros don’t have to carry a ton of inventory. Work with your renters and understand it is a competitive market!

How do I start booth renting?

First, you must have a decent size client base and be knowledgeable about the beauty products you use. Second, find a salon that fits your specific needs and vibe.

Third, evaluate cost to rent the salon suites or chairs and consider writing your thoughts out in a business plan. If it makes financial sense to move forward, purchase liability insurance, get accounting software and become your own boss!

What are booth renters responsible for?

Booth rental businesses are self employed business owners, you are responsible for most everything it takes to do business.

Are booth renters considered employees?

No, they are independent contractors.

Booth Rental Guide for Salon Owner and Stylists

The benefit of booth rental is self employment. This can provide new freedoms for owners who get tired of constantly making a post about hiring.

Days ago, it was easier to be self employed, now it can be much harder to manage renters and a small business. Get the complete guide to hair salon self employment in our blog, found here.

Can you booth rent in a salon in PA?

Booth rent is illegal in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The exception to this law is salon suite rental.

What is a booth rental agreement?

A booth rental agreement is contract outlining agreed upon price for a salons space and rules the salon owner has for renters. Learn more in our blog, here. Seek an expert in booth rental agreements on our consultants, coaches and mentors page, here.

In what states is booth rental not allowed?

Booth rental is illegal in PA and NJ. This does not apply to salon suites! Days ago legalizing rental in these states was discussed but no movement has been made, so far.

What are the obligations for booth renters?

Booth renter obligations are: tracking services amounts, handling clients and building your own clientele, accounting, cleaning, marketing and everything that is necessary to run a small hair business.