Beauty & Hair Salon Industry Statistics in 2023

Beauty & Hair Salon Industry Statistics in 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive salon industry statistics 2023 – 2022. We have gathered salon industry statistics from the global salon services market in the US and Canada to provide the facts you need for your salon business.

Benefit from our extensive research on the beauty salon industry. Choose which of the latest trends reports interest you the most to get factual beauty salon industry statistics 2023. Below the reports you can find general salon industry facts gathered since 2021.

Hair Salon Industry Statistics Overview

An interesting discovery happened when researching facts about hairdressers hairstylists and cosmetologists. There was no concrete data on the hair industry statistics, nail salons, spas or barber shops.

No one seemed to be able to nail down how many hair salons there are or what is really going on with salon employment. Even consumer preferences and consumer behavior are virtually impossible to determine.

Our labor statistics reports are the most comprehensive guide for salon owners to understand workplace preferences in hiring.

Where did our salon industry statistics for employment, originate?

Employment, booth rental, salon suite rental and hybrid salon information was gathered from the Enlightened Hire program. Enlightened Hire was offered in the US and Canada only, statistics reflect preferences from these two countries, only.

This includes a wide range of salons, spas and barbershops and a diverse group of hair stylists, barbers, nail technicians, estheticians and massage therapists.

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Hair Salon Industry Statistics 2022

Our hair and nail salons reporting includes 2022 statistics. See our above list for the report your need!

Hair Stylist employment statistics

Do students want an hourly wage? What are local salons offering for female hairstylists and cosmetologists?

Thousands of salon, spa and barber professionals have voiced their opinions! Uncover the secrets to hair stylist employment wants, needs and preferences in our comprehensive hair stylist report.

What is the average age to enter the beauty industry?

The average age to enter the beauty industry is 20 years old. You must have a high school diploma or GED to attend cosmetology school.

Is there a gender pay gap in the beauty services industry?

Our reports reveal that male and female hairstylists have an equal opportunity in beauty salons for both wage annual reports and in prices for booth rental salons. Beauty salons do not differ in an annual wage for african american beauty professionals, male hair stylists or female hair stylists.

Hair Salon Industry: Most Important Statistics

Marketing efforts for skilled professionals is the hot topic among salon owners. Questions on marketing strategies to attract hairstylists and cosmetologists are at the forefront of salon owners minds.

Salon statistics on hair and nail salons, spas and barbers are found on this list. Is what hair stylists earn or specialized services a factor in hiring?

Opening a brand new salon? Find out in our hair salons industry reports at the top of this page.

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How big is the hair salon industry in the US?

The hair salon industry in the US includes approximately 444,102 licensed salons, spas and barber shops in 2023. Our reports reflect approximate numbers for states that were unreachable for this information.

We gathered data from each state for this report, the census and the Professional Beauty Association, (PBA), had incorrect reporting per state.

States who were uncooperative or had inaccessible information are:

  • Alabama

  • Alaska

  • Connecticut

  • District of Columbia

  • Illinois

  • Louisiana

  • Mississippi

  • New Hampshire

  • New York

  • Oklahoma

  • Utah

Market size notes on Utah hair stylists and salons: Utah does not license establishments, reports on Utah are estimated.

Establishment Report: Beauty Salons, Spas and Barber Shop Market Size 2023

Every cosmetology, esthetics, massage and barber state board has different requirements for licensure. Some state boards combine license and establishment types, others separate by salon services or license type.

This was a gargantuan task to complete, going state by state and asking them directly for information. There are pockets of caucasian, african american, hispanic and other hair stylist businesses operating without licenses, these entities are not included in our statistical reports.

Below is the information on each state provided by the licensing boards.

Number of salons, spas and barber shops by state

Alabama- 6,250 *estimated

Alaska- 916 *estimated

Arizona- 8,875

Arkansas- 3,900

California- 53,747

Colorado- 6,661

Connecticut- 4,500 *estimated

District of Columbia- 861 *estimated

Delaware- 665

Florida- 40,060

Georgia- 13,656

Hawaii- 2,389

Idaho- 2,687

Illinois- 16,240 *estimated

Indiana- 8,455

Iowa- 4,571

Kansas- 4,887

Kentucky- 5,500

Louisiana- 5,750 *estimated

Maine- 1,919

Maryland- 5,521

Massachusetts- 10,415

Michigan- 11,492

Minnesota- 6,007

Mississippi- 3,625 *estimated

Missouri- 13,803

Montana- 1,680

Nebraska- 3,152

Nevada- 3,422

New Hampshire- 1,625 *estimated

New Jersey- 17,727

New Mexico- 1,872

New York- 25,250 *estimated

North Carolina- 16,200

North Dakota-2,106

Ohio- 15,647

Oklahoma- 4,875 *estimated

Oregon- 4,707

Pennsylvania- 20,322

Rhode Island-1,320

South Carolina- 8,261

South Dakota- 2,620

Tennessee- 10,887

Texas- 32,578

Utah- 4,010 *estimated

Vermont- 785


Washington- 8,590

West Virginia- 2,585

Wisconsin- 8637

Wyoming- 772


When it comes to hiring, beauty salons have a lot of competition without proper recruitment training. Many salon owners work behind the chair and are dependent upon their income to keep the salon afloat.

This leaves owners with little time to invest in hiring salon and spa professionals. Hiring and finding booth rental hair stylists is the #1 biggest salon industry revenue problem in 2023.

Hair stylist retention rates & salon labor statistics

The second biggest issue facing salon industry owners is staff retention. The US economy has had a profound impact on low annual wage salons and expensive salon suites.

Salons that do not offer benefits like client building or business support are finding new ways to help salon pros grow and create disposable income. If you are struggling to retain salon staff, consider hiring a salon mentor or coach to help you reach your hair industry goals.

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Hair salon industry statistics 2023: wages

Hair stylists earn on average $12,000 per year, part time. With the threat of losing federal funding for cosmetology schools, and unreported wages, there is much room for improvement in the Salon Industry Statistics 2023 report.

Work Environment in the Hair Salon Industry

Salon industry statistics show that the popularity for booth rental and salon suites continues to rise. In 2023, Enlightened Hire has received higher than usual employment matchmaking requests from booth rental salon professionals, wanting to get back into commission and hourly salon environments.

The salon data reports: Most hair stylists and salon industry professionals desire the freedom and flexibility of suite and booth rental. The problem lies within the individual’s ability to be a business owner.

We predict growth for hourly wage salons, spas and barbershops to be on the rise in 2024-2025 amidst the unstable economy and burnout of independent salon professionals who go into booth rental too early in their careers.

Company size where hair stylists work

Does size matter in salon hiring? According to our statistics, it does.

Salon, spa and barber pros have spoken about their preferences for not only corporate owned salons, but what size of salon they prefer to work in.

Get the full report of workplace preferences of hair stylists, students and experienced salon & spa professionals in our statistical reports.

What is the success rate of new Hair Salons?

New hair salons and skin care businesses have an average success rate of 50% in the first 3 years of business. Determining factors in success include: salon industry experience and knowledge, marketing initiatives, pre-existing client base, market research and business acumen.

If you are considering opening a salon, learn more about what needs to be included in your beauty salons business plan.

salon failure rates

Why do salons fail?

There isn’t one singular reason salons fail. 70% of non-franchise salons, spas and barber shops are owner- operated. 

Salons fail at different stages in a salons’ life cycle. Salons that fail in the first two years are typically owned by salon professionals that do not have a grasp on what it is like to run a business, before it’s too late.

A well thought out salon business plan lends itself to understanding what salon ownership entails and how to prepare for leaner hair care service income.

Established salons fail when owners grow tired of running the day to day operations. Walk outs, disasters, theft and low income can make owners want to throw in the towel.

Prevent salon failure by hiring a salon consultant, browse our comprehensive list to find your ideal salon coach.

Owning a salon without being a hair stylist statistics

If you are not a hair stylist and are considering opening a salon, it is crucial to understand salon industry statistics before committing to a lease. Frequently, non-salon industry owners can become successful proprietors due to their strong emphasis on enhancing the client’s experience.

Non-hair stylist salon owners can achieve higher earnings when they effectively manage inventory and maintain a focus on expanding the salon within target markets. Although hairstylists and cosmetologists are often highly creative individuals, they might lack the necessary business training and money management skills required for operating a successful salon.

For non-hair stylist salon owners, the most significant opportunities lie in salon franchises and salon suites. Franchises provide resources for hiring, marketing, and overall business management.

Salon suites, on the other hand, offer ease of management and are frequently owned by investors or salon enthusiasts who are not themselves hair stylists. When working with the salon industry, it is advised to gain as much knowledge on the inner workings of our industry, before becoming an owner.

Salonspa Connection offers free resources such as a list of salon consultants, coaches and mentors, buy a salon page, blog and salon recruitment.

Visit our salon industry statistics 2023 page for detailed reports on salons, spas and barber shops.

How big is the market for Hair Salons?

The market size for hair salons depends on the population in your area. Writing a through salon business plan, conducting research and analyzing your target market is the key to opening a successful salon.

The demand for basic hair care services, nail care, skin care are ever present. Even consumers without disposable income need to look and feel good.

Offering other services when scheduling appointments can raise your average price for consumers. Reach out to a salon consultant or coach today to get the help you need for your salon business.

Salon Industry in the United States

When defining the salon industry in the United States, we included licensed establishments. Data on beauty salons vs salon suites was not available as states include salon suites as establishments.

In this report, beauty salons, spas and barber shops are accounted for. Thank you for reading, search our website to uncover more salon resources!

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What are the hair salon industry trends in 2023?

Our employment and booth rental reports will help you understand today’s hiring climate. Additionally, statistics on market size, hair coloring, and hair care services, along with insights into beauty products, skin care, and the industry’s revenue and nail care, can be found on the Kline Group Website.

Furthermore, on the Kline’s Website, you can gain insights into the retail industry, population growth rate, and online sales. You can also access hair color stats, information about salon equipment, details about hair care services provided, as well as data on retail sales and personal care services offered.

Supplementary Statistics

In need of hair services, nail services, skincare services, or insights into the men’s grooming market? Perhaps you’re interested in shoulder treatments or data related to hair straightening?

Kline specializes in gathering comprehensive hair care information tailored to the preferences of the typical US consumer. Notably, our data emphasizes beauty industry hiring and workplace statistics.

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