Free Salon Business Valuation

Free Salon Business Valuation

What is your salon worth? Find out with our free salon business valuation! It’s hard to assess where the value is in salons, spas and barbershops without the experts who sell salons, every single day.

Whether you are thinking about selling your salon or if you are buying a salon, a valuation is the best way to estimate a fair selling price.

The valuation below does not apply to all businesses. If you feel our questionnaire does not work for your business, but you would like assistance in understanding how much your business will sell for, contact us on this page.

Assessing the value of your salon business allows you to understand:

  1. Accurate Financial Insights: Our valuation process employs industry-standard methods to calculate the fair market value of your salon, offering a precise assessment of your assets, revenue, and potential growth.

  2. Strategic Guidance: Alongside your valuation report, our experts will provide a consultation to discuss the results and offer recommendations to optimize your salon’s value. This strategic insight can help you enhance profitability and competitiveness.

  3. Identify Areas For Improvement: Find out where you can cut costs, boost marketing efforts and better ready your salon business for a successful sale. 

  4. No-Obligation, No-Cost: There are no hidden fees or obligations associated with our free salon business valuation service. It’s our way of supporting fellow salon entrepreneurs in their pursuit of success.

What is a business valuation for a salon, spa or barbershop?

Our free salon business valuation is specific to the salon industry. We get the typical financial information from you about income, profit and loss but we go deeper…

Salon industry businesses have hidden value, (and some landmines), that non-industry  brokers are unable assess.  Allow the salon business selling experts to give you the most accurate assessment of your salon, or a business you are considering buying today!

Free Salon Valuation


Business Ownership

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Business Performance

List your salon's Annual Profit over the past three years.

(Take your salon's total revenue, minus your total cost of goods sold and your total operating expenses for each year)
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Need a hands on approach or more in-depth look at the value of your business?

Option #1 Owners who choose to utilize Salonspa Connection receive a free Valuation Summary. Book a consultation today for our brokerage services.

Option #2 Connect with our expert, William to get a 1:1 meeting and dive into what a fair market value is for your salon industry business! 

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How much is my salon worth?

To find out how much your salon is worth, it is best to use experts who understand salons, spas and barber shop businesses. The best salon valuation methods take into account more than just profit and loss.

The valuation of a hair salon should include profits, aspects of what model the salon conducts business and assess both tangible and intangible success attributes of the salon. Using a one size fits all formula does not yield the true worth of a salon.

How to Value a Hair Salon Business

A business valuation for hair salon starts by assessing the amount of revenue the business is generating, level of dependency the business has on your involvement and evaluating your particular business model. Employee based salons are valued differently than booth rental business models. 

Revenue based on employee’s services vs independent contractors rental income is the starting point for a valuation. However, other factors help determine what a fair market price will be in a salon business valuation.