Booth Rental Prices For A Salon: Calculate The Cost

Booth Rental Prices For A Salon: Calculate The Cost for Salon, Spa and Barber Professionals

Understand Booth Rental Prices For A Salon when considering which career path you want to take. We created a free calculator to help you determine how much you will make, (or not), if you choose to go work in a booth rental salon.

Booth rental prices for a salon range between $100 per week up to as much as $3000 per week. Where you work and live is the biggest factor in how much you will pay in rent. Shop around when seeking a booth rent salon and use the cost calculator below, to see how much you will make!

Understand how to predict profitability and the costs associated with renting a chair, salon studio suite or room in a salon, spa or barbershop.

Looking for a new salon to work in? Browse salon suites, booth rental salons, spas and barbershops.

how much is booth rental

How much is booth rental? Use our calculator to find out BEFORE you take the plunge.

Booth rental or salon suite rental in a salon refers to a business arrangement. This is where hairstylists or beauty professionals rent individual workstations (chairs, rooms or salon suites). This is typically  within a salon or spa space. Instead of being traditional employees, you operate as an independent contractor. This means managing your clients, inventory, services, and schedules while paying a rental fee to the salon owner for the use of the space.

Booth rental allows beauty professionals to maintain autonomy and control over their services and income. Benefits may include: perks from the shared resources and ambiance of the salon environment. Have you been working in a salon and you are concerned you have been misclassified? Check out the Salon Employment Misclassification Guide for tips on worker’s laws in salons.

Opening a salon suite? Use the salon suite checklist to ensure you have what you need for success!

STEP 1: How Much Income Do You Generate?

STEP 2: Calculate Booth Rental Expenses

Do what works best for your barber, spa or salon business

Not happy with your results? Consider working in a Hybrid or commission environment. Booth and suite rental can be great, but it can also be a financial drain and not worth it for beauty professionals. Make informed decisions, review income and costs with our calculator. We wish you an amazing career in the salon industry, no matter which salon you choose to work in! Use Quickbooks to make accounting EASY.

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Tips for salon owners who own salon suites or a booth rental business

We see new stylists and beauty pros get into salon booth rental too early in their careers. This calculator helps independent stylists determine if they should be their own boss. Are booth renters responsible for their own careers?

Yes they are, but getting into booth renting too early in hair stylists careers can end in disaster. Use our tool to calculate booth rental for a salon with every person who is interested in working with you! This will help THEM determine if independence is a good move or not.

***We do not promote or have preference toward any salon employment type. Salonspa Connection believes in providing the facts, such as this calculator to determine booth rental prices for a salon. You need to decide what works best for you in order to be successful. This is not an endorsement to become a salon booth renter.***

How salon owners can help hair stylists become booth renters.

The key to helping salon booth renters succeed is by determining if they have the ability to run their own business. Interview and discuss the following topics, thoroughly:

Do stylists understand what it’s like to work in a hair salon?

This is important for an inexperienced hair stylist who has no prior salon business knowledge. Newer graduates who do not have their own clients may not understand the difference in working for commission salon owners or being a booth renter.

In an interview, ask if they need walk in customers, of if they are established. Have they built a base- do they have their own clients? Do they have an online booking system and do they understand the responsibilities in renting a booth? Ask if they have toured other hair salons and why they have chosen not to work there.

Get employment and experience history

Understanding if your new applicant is going to be successful at salon booth rental is half the battle. Where have they worked prior to your business and do they understand what renting a booth entails?

The fact is, most salon pros who enter booth rental or salon suite rental do not come prepared. Find out if they have been independent stylists before and if they can sustain business ownership.

Are they motivated and responsible enough to set their own hours?

Can they pay the monthly fee and how many clients do they have? Hairdressing school is much different than being a salon booth renter.

Having your own space means you have freedom, but will they set working hours that accommodates the volume of what your salon’s location new client volume has?

Most salon pros who rent booths need new clients, but are they wanting to maximize profits or are they just there to be their own boss? Will they take their own appointments or will they redirect new business to other stylists?

Successful spa booth rental is understanding costs vs income when renting a booth.

Explain booth rental prices for a salon, show them how to save money and help them create a brand identity.

Your rental agreement should include minimum contract length, your rental rate, your salon’s policies and require personal insurance. Do you have a flat monthly fee or do you charge by the week?

Most salons want their booth rental salon to have low turnover and a great reputation. Helping salon pros understand they need their own tools, salon software to manage clients and their own insurance will help keep salon renters from breaking their rental agreement.

If booth rental salon professionals want to have their own products, determine the services offered and make more money, remember to not inhibit their ability to grow.

Should they request something you don’t like, consider implementing a brand strategy to enable your micro salon owner to focus in what kind of booth rental business they would like to have.

The Cost of booth renting- calculate booth rental costs for a salon

If you want to help someone get into salon booth rental before they are ready, the answer is DON’T! Motivation for wanting to booth rent may not be good reasons. Maybe they have come to you because they want to do their own services, they may not understand rental expenses or how to have a profitable business.

If you suspect they are not ready to rent, consider steering them to a traditional salon in high traffic areas. Needs like health insurance, not enough of their own clients or unfounded desires to be a salon owner will not pay off if they can’t handle the booth rental cost.

Factor in insurance coverage- liability and professional depending upon the requirements in your state. Get a free quote with industry specialists, GILD for the best rates here.

Guide sales to beauty products and help add services provided

If you find yourself with a beauty pro renting a booth in your salon who is struggling and you want to help, here are some ideas around how you can support them.

Breaks in rent- if you require booth rentals to pay extra for more days, hours or marketing, consider giving them a price break for a limited time. Booth rent takes time to grow and learn, successful renting can be easier achieved with a mentor who has their own business.

Demonstrate who to sell more products and what it takes to thrive in a booth rental salon. Working in a hair salon provides a ton of opportunity to learn from others.

Encourage your booth rental stylists to take new salon pros under their wing. Many pros who rent a booth add to their services offered over time.

Consider hosting in salon events and paying for education to show support for your booth rentals.

Higher end rent districts

Renting a booth at a salon can vary widely in price and can include extra costs. Any guides to renting, amenities or finding health insurance alternatives may keep renters, long term.

The booth rental market is very competitive, especially in high end communities. If you simply rent to beauty pros, this may not be enough. Your own business for everyone who works with you, like it or not. Bad reviews, poor services or a bad location can impact your salon booth rental dreams.

Open concept Hair salon vs salon suite rental costs

Generally speaking, most salon suites provide their own booth or room to work in and higher rental costs come with it. A complete guide to the difference in there two business models can be found in our blog.

Open concept tens to have better foot traffic, allowing new booth renters to build. Salon suites offer complete autonomy however independent stylists have little to no control over what other stylists do.

Open concepts should market their offerings- backbar provided, socialization, education and more. Differentiating yourself in this market is important- not everyone is cut out for salon suite rental and many leave to get back into a traditional salon atmosphere.

Booth rentals in salon suites

Suites or studios offer a room to work in by yourself, to share or work with a suite mate. You can still get the socialization you crave in a salon suite if there is more than one chair.

Keep rental rates lower if you do not work more than 4 days a week by sharing your suite with someone who wants their own space but works part time. Rental agreement in a studio suite tends to be 1 year or more, however you can find suites to rent by the day, week or with a monthly fee.

We hope you find this helpful in understanding what booth rental prices for a salon are and how to predict your income!