Booth & Salon Suite Renters Statistics

Booth & Salon Suite Renters Statistics

What are independent beauty pros looking for when they choose a salon, spa or barber shop? Discover Booth & Salon Suite Renters Statistics to learn why salon pros choose certain businesses over others.

Experienced, independently minded, hair stylists, barbers, nail technicians, estheticians and massage therapists have come to us, looking for new work opportunities. 

In 2022-2023 we received thousands of new suite and booth rental salon, spa and barbershop requests from professionals across the US and Canada.

In this report on booth & salon suite renters statistics, you will learn what experienced beauty pros are looking for, and how they identify their needs concerning self-employment.

The following rental data was gleaned from US & Canadian hair stylists, barbers, nail techs, estheticians and massage therapists who were actively seeking booth rental salons, spas and barber shops. These independent pros want to be happy- they clarified their wants, needs and preferences in salon, spa and barber owners in order to find a great, long term fit.

What do independent professionals want when seeking a new salon?

This specific report includes all experienced, booth rental seeking professionals- hair, esthetics, nail and massage pros.

If you would like specific data on pros who want hybrid, commission salons, salon owners preferences or student data, visit our main salon industry statistics page.

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Utilize our salon booth rental hiring facts to understand how your business fits in. Find out how you can set yourself apart to attract & hire more booth or suite renters

You can get a glimpse into what the full owner statistics reports contain on our comprehensive non-employee based owners statistics page. 

Do booth renters use organic salon products?

When asked about how independent salon professionals feel about eco-conscious practices, this is the overall data that was provided.

According to booth & suite renters, low-tox and organic products are not a top priority 

Independent beauty pros had the least favorable attitude towards greener salon practices. This potentially could be in part that booth renters tend to be a bit older- not fresh out of school.

Organic initiatives are a somewhat newer concept for salons, but is one of the fastest growing parts of professional brands. 

An independent stylist that has tried less than satisfactory, lower tox products may go back to higher tox products, just to achieve the best results.

This was a typical scenario when greener salon products first entered the market and were tried out by many salon professionals.

graph showing how much independent hair stylists use eco-friendly salon products
graph showing criminal history stats on salon suite renters

Booth & Salon Suite Renters Statistics: Criminal History Facts

When asked about the criminal record our booth & salon suite applicants have, this is the overall data that was provided.

Historically, booth rental has provided a place for those who don’t want to be in, or don’t fit into traditional employment setting.  Occasionally, this has meant those who have committed crimes and cannot get jobs in salons.

According to the booth rental salon owners data, background checks are uncommon. This works out well for the over 56% of respondents that have a blemish on their records.

On the other side, 60% of booth renters actively seeking a new salon had little to no criminal past.

Getting into Booth Rental Too Early: Build a Client Base First

When asked if booth rent professionals need assistance in building a client base, this is the overall data that was provided. 

By definition, a booth or salon suite rental environment is a place where you are self employed. Being self employed means you must market yourself and handle your own business.

Less than 20% of booth renters who were actively seeking an independent position, felt they didn’t need new salon clients. This is a surprising statistic given that independent beauty pros should know- you are on your own as a renter.

On the other side, a little over 20% of non-employee based owners claimed to be able to help build renters in their salons.  It is always a good idea to have an established client base prior to renting a booth or suite.

graph showing that salon suite renters are not motivated to compete with each other

No Competitions for Booth & Salon Suite Professionals

When asked about how independent salon pros feel about competitions and contests at work, this is the overall data that was provided.

It is common to see award winners, competitors and accomplished booth renters winning on a national scene. In the salon, competition is different.

This coincides well with suite and open concept booth rental owners statistics. Over 80% of booth rental salons do not encourage competition, nor do they have contests. 

Even Booth Renters Crave Good Leadership

When asked about the type of leadership experienced and independent salon pros want, this is the overall data that was provided.

In an autonomous business relationship, leadership still matters. Many hairstylists, barbers, nail technicians, estheticians and massage therapists leave salon businesses, clientele in hand, because of poor leadership.

Only 35% of independent beauty professionals seeking a new salon to work in didn’t care about leadership.

While leadership in booth and salon suite rental businesses looks different than employee-based salons, the need for stable management is clear. Independent salon, spa and barber pros crave great leaders!

statistics for salon suite renters who desire good leadership

Facts on Booth & Suite Professionals and Ownership Type Preferences

When asked what type of ownership our experienced, booth rental salon professionals are looking for, this is the overall data that was provided. 

Independent stylists have spoken- the preference for booth rental is not a corporate owned salon, spa or barbershop.

Franchise salon suite businesses are everywhere, but there aren’t many open concept or traditional booth rental salons that are owned by corporations.

Our booth & salon suite renters statistics do spark the idea- what if there were more corporate or franchise booth rental salons? Would renters flock to these businesses that crave mentorship and stability not typically provided by booth rental salons?

The salon, spa and barber data does not stop here! 

This report is just a fraction of the statistics we gathered.

Our data is the most comprehensive, impartial employee based, hybrid and booth & suite rental statistics, available. Understanding what is going on in the salon industry promotes long term employment in salons and helps you be in the know of what is happening in the salon, spa and barber industries.

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