Collaboration and Connection Over Competition

Owner Meetups

Salonspa Connection has now held TWO super fun, very unique owner’s meetups in Kansas City. The desire to share, connect and collaborate with area owners has been beautifully illustrated in our meetups. Owners from all around the Kansas City area and beyond ate, drank, talked and thoroughly enjoyed getting together, just for the sake of social fun.

The idea behind the meetup originated from a Facebook post in the Salon and Spa Network of Kansas City.

In the fall of 2018 we saw a post that turned into a discussion on putting together an owner’s social event. We watched as owner after owner showed interest in socializing with other owners. No one took the initiative to put such an event together, it seemed like the perfect thing for a company specializing in connectivity and resources to do! Took a deep breath and put the first one together and it sold out!!

Meetups have been so valuable for our community, have made several new relationships and connections that never existed before Salonspa Connection.

This now bi-annual event is a wonderful indicator of how times have changed… we no longer feel (most of us) that backstabbing competitive vibe that once encompassed out industry. What caused the swing from feeling like we have to keep secrets and hoard clientele? We are so much more enlightened now… is it social media that has changed our way of thinking? Are we just tired, lonely and anxious to share our owner lives with someone else? Whatever the case we are so happy to facilitate this amazing event for our community!

Our first meetup produced one of THE coolest exchanges we have ever seen between owners. 

A top hair stylist had left one salon for another, and both owners were in attendance. The owner who lost the stylist told the story and how she didn’t harbor bad feelings about the stylist who left, the salon that she went to and that she knew that owner did nothing to solicitate the stylist’s move. The owner who gained the stylist expressed thanks and relief for the subject being broached. A big hug was given and it felt amazing for all owners in attendance to see such maturity and peace amongst those who were in close proximity.

Please join us for the next owner’s meetup! Experience new friends and do something fun with your fellow industry experts! Meetups held every March and October.