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Beauty Business Building

Beauty Business Building- So You Are A Hairstylist- Missy Megginson

ABOUT: I teach beauty biz marketing and communication. Are you ready for beauty business building?? You may be wondering, how do you grow your salon business? I chose to become a hairstylist because I thought it was the quickest way to start making money out of high school.  My parents, like many of yours, were super thrilled…not.  I dove head first in and caught traction QUICKLY!  By 24, I was making 6 figures behind the chair.

I can really say though, that was a good and a really bad thing!  I was sooo young, I didn’t have a mentor, social media wasn’t really a thing yet, and my fast track to income resulted in some MAJOR purchases.  So here I was, 24, married, with a baby, a brand new house and two car payments.  All amazing things right?!  Until you are backed into a corner of being burned out, don’t even know what a boundary is, and don’t really have a plan of how to fix it.  I kept plugging away, doing client after client just to pay bills- not how to grow your salon business!  This wasn’t what I had in mind when I chose hair, and it most certainly wasn’t a way to spend the rest of my life.

I didn’t go to a fancy hair school and for the major part of my career I was successful by just being down right scrappy. Until one day, I realized I had developed a few SUPER powers. Those super powers are what have helped me build multiple 6 figure businesses behind the chair and open a salon that has been profitable from day one. That’s why I’m here to share my simple but FREAKING effective methods with you!

Specialties: Social media, marketing strategies, beauty business building.

We work with: Hair stylists and salon owners.

Brand Affiliation: No

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