Beauty Business Start Up Help

Beauty Business Start Up Help

Beauty Business Start Up Help

Beauty Business Start Up Help- Beauty Business Co- Angela Sanchez

ABOUT: Hi, I’m Angela! If you feel beauty business start up help would benefit you, read more to find out how I can help. After building a 6 figure side hustle, solo owned and operated beauty salon from the ground up, I’m all too familiar with the amount of time we can work IN instead of ON our businesses Throw becoming a mum and trying to master the whole work, life balance thing, lets just say its been no walk in the park, but its 100% possible, and as your Beauty Business Mentor I’ve got your back the whole way!

I started my Beauty Business with a dream but absolutely no vision on what I wanted to focus on, how it would be structured or even how I could be different to all the other beauty businesses around me.

A time had come where I was just servicing client after client, and the actual overwhelming side of having so much to do with no time to implement it crept up and up, until I felt lost and I wasn’t showing love to my business and I’m sure my clients felt that to. I finally had the time to sit down one day and figure out exactly where I wanted my business to be. I’m talking the big picture, the 10-20 year plan of what I envisioned my business to look like and how I would feel when I opened my eyes in the morning and had my perfect day ahead of me.

Salon Social Media Planning and more!

How will joining my beauty business start up help you? As a member of Beauty Boss Pro, you will get instant access to:

  • Monthly Masterclasses with our leading business Experts tailoring their training specifically to the beauty industry
  • Q&A sessions – pre- submit your questions to our experts according to the months theme and join them in a LIVE session to receive your in depth answers.
  • The Mindset Lounge with access to guided visualisations, meditation and our exclusive series with Revitalization Mentor and Phycologist Tric Gibson.
  • Done for you Templates, Checklists and Forms, Work books & printables.
  • Instant Access to our “Secret” Beauty Boss Pro Facebook Community
  • Exclusive Event Invites and VIP ticketing to our Beauty Boss Brunches and our Retreats

Specialties: Business blueprints, Branding, Website help, Salon social media planning, Social media graphics and Mindset.

We work with: All beauty bosses

Brand Affiliation: No, partnerships only

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