Beauty Salon Business Coaching

beauty salon business coaching

Beauty Salon Business Coaching

Beauty Salon Business Coaching- Simon Lotinga- Belief Change Specialist

ABOUT:  I specialise in beauty salon business coaching. Helping salon owners like you, break free from the limiting beliefs and negative experiences that have limited what you’ve achieved is my goal.  Once you’ve broken free from them you’ll find growth and progress so much easier than you ever have before.

I realise this sounds like a big promise! The truth is, I’m confident that once you remove the limitations that are getting in your way, you will succeed. You will find it so much easier to create the life and business you really want, rather than the one you’ve settled for up until now.  As the owner of Simon Lotinga salon and I used to have many of the typical problems that just about all small business owners are plagued by. The first few years were not fun. Then something extraordinary happened. When I realised I was causing my own problems (as we all do), it became obvious I needed to change … so I did.

The results were spectacular and my career as someone who can help others to master their own psychology by changing beliefs was born!

Specialties: Mastering your psychology so you can stop sabotaging your success. Creating a clear vision, that gives you direction and an inspiring goal to achieve. Creating effective strategies to support your consistent progress. Upgrading any skills that can help you make consistent progress. Optimising your environment so you’re working with the right people and using the best tools.

We work with: Employee Based- Commission, Hourly Salon & Spa Owners.

Brand Affiliation: No

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