Concierge Salon Coaching

Concierge Salon Coaching

Concierge Salon Coaching

Concierge Salon Coaching- Niki Cicak

ABOUT: What is Concierge Salon Coaching? My quick answer, the most elite athletes in the world hire coaches to help them be better! They help you to reach that next goal, to push you in ways you can’t push yourself. Having a coach in your corner is like having the best kind of accountability partner, because they get down in the dirt with you. They are not just shooting you a text to make sure you went to your workout today, they are giving you workout plans, nutrition plans, helping you course correct and adjusting for your specific needs. 

Our network of coaches believe in our core value of helping the entrepreneur as a whole person. Traditionally, someone hires a coach to help with one aspect of their business or life. Which is awesome! How we differ, is that through our thorough intake process, we identify your pain points or needs in all areas of your life; Your business, Your Body/Health and in Your Relationships and Personal Well Being. Once we have identified and prioritized your goals, Niki acts as your project manager, helping connect you to all the coaches and resources you need  to help you stay on track and thrive!

Salon Workshops

You are NOT AN ISLAND! You are NOT ALONE in your journey! Let our network of coaches help you become the best version of you. The YOU, you have always dreamed of being. This is where we come in! We provide a network of coaches that can work with you on all 3 areas of your life- business, health and relationships. After our thorough intake, the client and I decide the areas of most need to start with and we match the client with coaches in the areas deemed priorities.

I am thrilled to share the ideas and thoughts in this book with anyone and everyone! Contact me, and we can design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs that you have today.

Specialties: Salon workshops, concierge salon coaching and community and cocktails where we dig deep into current salon industry issues.

We work with: Salon Owners

Brand Affiliation: No, partnerships only

Check out my book- Thriving in Salon Ownership.

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