Eco Friendly Salon Coaching

eco friendly salon coaching

Eco Friendly Salon Coaching

Eco Friendly Salon Coaching- Sustain Beauty Co.

ABOUT: What is eco friendly salon coaching? A long history in the beauty industry that spans hair color and technology, we came across our sustainable journey by accident, or maybe not. We are frankly a group of corporate misfits, jumping out of the suit space in the professional beauty industry because we love the people, but hated big business. We wanted to find products that truly make a difference and started by creating a stringent list of criteria that each of our recommendations must meet. Now known as the SBCo commandments. A bit corny? Yeah, but it’s served us well as we now represent some of the industry’s top eco-responsible brands and have a reputation for finding and sourcing innovative products that artists love.

Green Salon Initiative

The professional beauty industry has no shortage of products. Until recent years, salons and professionals have struggled to find reliable products that were both eco-friendly and delivered results. We believe hairstylists shouldn’t sacrifice quality to protect their health and the environment so we now scour the globe looking for sustainable beauty products that perform. Welcome to that sweet spot of amazing products and soul satisfaction.

We also provide gender neutral pricing signage for free- no strings attached! Multiple signage and designs ready to be customized in Canva. We support and applaud you for making the leap from acceptance to actively working towards inclusivity. When you implement changes of any sort, communicating ‘why’ and ‘what’ can take a while.

Specialties: Eco Friendly Salon Coaching and Education, Marketing, Guides and Inspiration. 

We work with: All members of the salon, spa and barber industry who are interested in our green salon initiative. 

Brand Affiliation: No, partnerships only

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