Financial Strategist for Salons

Financial Strategist for Salons

Financial Strategist for Salons

Financial Strategist for Salons- Donna Roggio

ABOUT: Donna Roggio is the powerhouse business woman known for her expertise in being a financial strategist for salons. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, she’s an expert at helping others become organized and profitable.  Over the course of her 19-year career as an owner of three salons, she’s learned a thing or two about what it takes for a business to thrive. In fact, while she often traveled abroad – her salon was well-organized and stayed profitable, even when the time she spent there was limited. Donna credits her ability to set seriously solid foundations, systems, and structure which engaged her team to become successful entrepreneurs in their own right.

As a dedicated business finance coach, my mission is to empower women entrepreneurs in the beauty and creative industries to seize control of their financial future. I’m fueled by an unwavering passion to empower women, encouraging you to embrace education, seize control of your lives, finances, and aspirations, and reclaim your innate power and shape your own futures. Together, we’ll embark on a journey infused with gratitude, humor, and an unwavering determination.

The salon client consultation

Welcome to The Moola Method! A revolutionary way to price your salon services and up you salon client consultation game to eliminates anxiety and fear when discussing pricing with your clients. With The Moola Method, you’ll:

  • Earn a living charging appropriate prices
  • Empower your clients to choose services that suit them best in terms of outcome and cost
  • Avoid confusion about pricing and services
  • Have the opportunity to up-sell without being salesy
  • No longer deal with client complaints, redo requests, or one and done clients
  • Have the flexibility to be creative with your clients and let them decide how much they want to spend

Join us now and transform your salon business with The Moola Method!

Specialties: 1:1 coaching, financial strategist for salons, structure and organization, customized coaching, retreats and online salon management courses.

We work with: Employee Based- Commission, Hourly and Team based Salon Owners and Independent beauty pros.

Brand Affiliation: No

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