Hair Stylist Consultant and Employment Law Specialist

Hair Stylist Consultant

Hair Stylist Consultant and Employment Law Specialist

Hair Stylist Consultant and Employment Law Specialist- This Ugly Beauty Business- Tina Alberino

ABOUT: My name is Tina Alberino. I’m not an attorney, but I am a hair stylist consultant, licensed cosmetologist and salon owner with nearly twenty years of beauty industry experience. The roles I have played are diverse however my experience in salon management brought me here. My weird fascination with tax and employment law and exceptional talent for creative profanity are directly responsible for this website, where I do my best to break complex business management and professional development concepts into terms anyone in the beauty industry can easily understand. I work as a salon management consultant, hair stylist consultant, an educator, and a beauty industry advocate.

However, before all this I was like you—whether you’re a passionate student, an enthusiastic new professional, a battered and weary veteran professional, a frazzled booth renter, a perpetually busy salon manager, or an overwhelmed salon owner—I’ve been in your shoes and I learned a whole lot of lessons the hard way.  I write because although I’ve walked in your shoes, you shouldn’t have to walk in mine.

Understand self employed hair stylist taxes

Whether you are a salon owner or an independent stylist, understanding self employed hair stylist taxes is an issue I can help with. From tax prep tips to audits to going from commission to booth rental, I provide the facts you need to avoid penalties and stay compliant.

You deserve to succeed in this business in the least traumatic way possible. This site will ensure you’re educated, confident, prepared, and motivated to make this industry your industry for life. You’ll learn all about your rights and responsibilities, what is and isn’t acceptable at work, how to make intelligent career decisions, how to manage your business, and how to be awesome, productive, and profitable every day.

Specialties: Salon and Hair stylist consultant, Taxes, Employment, Business Management

We work with: All members of the salon, spa and barber community.

Brand Affiliation: No

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