Hair Stylist Education Six Figure Hairdresser

Hair Stylist Education

Hair Stylist Education Six Figure Hairdresser

Hair Stylist Education- Six Figure Hairdresser- Harry Wood

ABOUT: A Six Figure Hairdresser is not a distinction reserved for celebrity stylists- it’s hair stylist education. The truth is that if you really want to achieve success and are ready to adopt the proven methods of Six Figure Hairdresser, you too can become a Six Figure Hairdresser. This model was designed by Harry Wood, accomplished hairstylist and educator. We raise professional standards in the beauty industry while helping fellow stylists become more successful.

Harry is owner and published author of “Six Figure Hairdresser,” “Six Figure Sales,” “Chronic Pain & Prevention,” in addition to “Set Ready Academy.” His frequent speaking engagements take him across the USA, educating hair stylists on how to become the most successful, self-driven stylists in the industry.

Harry Wood IV is a 25-year veteran of the hair styling industry and is a leading stylist and coach for Van Michael Salons in Atlanta, GA. Harry’s materials offer practical steps for stylists to take their business to the next level. Although his target audience is stylists, his formula works for anyone in the beauty industry.

Specialties: In person coaching, hair stylist education and online learning.

We work with: Hair stylists and beauty professionals.

Brand Affiliation: Yes- Aveda

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