Hairstylist Mentoring and Consulting

Hairstylist Mentoring and Consulting

Hairstylist Mentoring and Consulting

Hairstylist Mentoring and Consulting- Jodie Brown

ABOUT: Why Hairstylist Mentoring and Consulting? Whether you’re a salon or suite owner, a chair renter or a stylist with big, huge amazing goals for your future… there are lonely moments when you’re chasing your dreams and building your career. Maybe you dream of creating an online business, going into education or opening your dream salon location. You have big ideas… but you just aren’t sure how to make those a reality.

Welcome to the home of good vibes and strategic branding + marketing advice for entrepreneurs & educators in the beauty space. Why the hair & beauty biz? Because once upon a time I started my journey in the beauty industry as a hairstylist! I used the strategies and knowledge I share with other stylists to build out a fully booked + profitable independent beauty business.

Now I have created a business that lights me up on a whole other level, working with hairstylists and educators to help them create the freedom, income + fulfillment they crave in their careers.

My mission is making sure no hairstylist is stuck working with the wrong clients, in environments that don’t light them up or hours that don’t allow them a life outside the salon… just because they feel lost when it comes to marketing themselves.

I want you to have freedom AND options in your career, both behind the chair and online.

Specialties: Branding & Mindful Marketing Education For Beauty Industry Entrepreneurs + Educators

We work with: All Salon industry entrepreneurs

Brand Affiliation: No, partnerships only

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