Motivation for Salon Owners

Motivation for Salon Owners

Motivation for Salon Owners

Motivation for Salon Owners – Salonology – Hollie and David Power

ABOUT: Salonology is a husband and wife team who is the perfect combination of creative genius and results driven salon consultants. If motivation for salon owners is on your list of needs, this powerhouse is a must see!  These UK Salon Coaching experts offer a host of resources for any salon owner who needs a friend on their side. We are the salon industry’s mentoring and business community!

Every salon owner is totally unique, with their own dreams and goals. Our approach is to help you work out what it is you want from your business and give you the tools to make it all happen. Whether its growth, increased income, more freedom, more time, more staff, less staff. Whatever your goals, we are here to take you on the journey to huge changes in your business.

UK Salon Coaching Salonology Gold Club

Our job is to make running a salon easier, more fulfilling, more results driven and more fun. The “Gold Club” is the place that offers a unique blend of consulting, education, community and support. Hollie and David know firsthand what it’s like to be a salon owner. The motivation for salon owners can wax and wane, wherever you are in your business journey, we are here to help!

Our job is not to make you love us. It’s to make you love your business and love your life. And we provide an extensive array of tools to help you do just that.

We understand the most important parts of leading a successful hair or beauty business. Chat with us today to see if we are a fit!

Specialties: Community, Formulas, Motivation and Expertise. Salon owners helping salon owners!

We work with: Salon owners

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