Non Brand Affiliated Salon Coaching

Non Brand Affiliated Salon Coaching

Non Brand Affiliated Salon Coaching

Non Brand Affiliated Salon Coaching- Destroy The Hairdresser

ABOUT: Non brand affiliated salon coaching- Destroy The Hairdresser is the most forward thinking salon consulting group coaching owners to move to the salon hourly pricing model. The Disruptive Darlings of the Salon Industry- We wanted to create a coaching company with no affiliation to a product company. We felt that most business education was coming from major beauty brands that were controlling the narrative of how salons should be set up and run. Unfortunately, if their methods worked, there would be many more successful salons and more wealthy salon owners and hairdressers. But it’s ok because we are going to change this.

Step one? Disrupt all the current systems, structures, and rules that big beauty companies have convinced the salon industry to implement. Step two? Help each hairdresser and salon owner change their businesses for the better, one by one. It’s a lot of work, and we are happy to do it.

Specialties: 1:1 Coaching, Virtual Education, Social Media, Recruiting, Salon Economics, Leadership, Foundations & Methods

We work with: Employee Based- Salon, Barbershop & Spa Owners

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