Salon and Hairstylist Coach

Salon and Hairstylist Coach

Salon and Hairstylist Coach

Salon and Hairstylist Coach- Kristin Speakman

ABOUT: I know what it takes to be a 7 figure salon owner, allow me to be your salon and hairstylist coach! I’m the proud owner of a commission salon. I began this exciting journey with just $6000, building my first salon without any debt. In 2021, my business reached a remarkable trajectory, hitting the $1 million mark! Now, I’m on the lookout for the perfect spot for my second location. On top of that, I’m also a passionate consulting career coach, ready to help others achieve their dreams in the salon industry and beyond! 

I come from a line of salon owners and stylists, making me a third-generation in the industry. I’m proud to have paved the way for stylists to earn 6 figures (W2!) in less than 32 hours a week. What sets my salon apart is our unwavering commitment to building a dream team. We only hire good-hearted people who contribute to our positive and supportive culture.

7 Figure salon owner and hairstylist

Whether you’re seeking a fresh career direction, eager for more work/life harmony, count on me to be your reliable guide. I’ve got your back on both salon consulting and stylist consulting options to help you shine in your industry as a salon professional!

Let’s chat about your work experiences, education, what you excel at, your proudest achievements, and areas where you’re looking to grow. We can discuss the skills that make you shine, what really matters to you, your passions, and the exciting goals you’ve set for yourself.   Through candid conversation, we will find empowering solutions.

Specialties: Mindset & embodiment, branding & culture, leadership & language. I also help with money mindset, management, recruiting and hiring. Let me help YOU become a 7 figure salon owner!

We work with: Employee Based- Commission, Hourly and team based Salon Owners and hairstylists.

Brand Affiliation: No

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