Salon Assistant Training Program

Salon Assistant Training Program

Salon Assistant Training Program

Salon Assistant Training Program- Chris Baran- Trainer’s Playbook

ABOUT: Salon owners get their time back with our salon assistant training program. Chris Baran uses video, guided practice, and decades of experience to get your associates driving revenue in 2-4 WEEKS and generating income directly in less than 3 months with less than half the time required from educators. Educators have time to elevate the whole team, and assistants get world class training that gets them on the floor far faster that ever before! Right from the moment a prospective hire walks through the door we make it easy and cost effective for salons to cultivate a loyal team full of six-figure stylists.

Salon Assistant Program Outline: Salon Education Solved

Salon Associate Accelerator

  • Associates practice at home with the videos
  • Revenue-driving skills from day 1
  • World-class salon skills and best practices
  • Jump Start + Indispensable Design & Finishing
  • Color Retouch and Refresh
  • Retail, The Shampoo Experience, Bullet-Proof Hiring
  • Quizzes, progress tracking, milestone assessments


Pro Design & Finishing- There is only one path to having a salon full of six-figure stylists, and that’s through consistent training, accountability, and positive team culture. Chris Baran’s award-winning design & finishing system delivers world-class principle-based skills in the context of celebrating your wins.

  • Train and practice with the videos any time anywhere
  • built-in quizzes and progress tracking
  • point, line, angle, 3 movements, face shapes & suitability
  • brushes, hot tools, product knowledge all made easy
  • see any style and know exactly how to recreate it


This salon assistant training program is a do not miss! Affordable hairstylist skillbuilding at the highest level.

Specialties: Coaching and Online Education for Salon Assistants and Associates

We work with: Any salon owner who needs a salon assistant program outline and comprehensive online learning tool for new hires.

Brand Affiliation: No, partnerships only

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