Salon Business Education

Salon Business Education

Salon Business Education

Salon Business Education- Hairdresser Career Development Systems

ABOUT: HCDS, salon business education is for hardworking salon owners. Our salon management courses helps salon owners, hairdressers, and everyone involved with the beauty profession so you can live your best life! Our educational program consists of several helpful business tips. Personal development seminars, educational materials, salon owner business management, and more. Through our program, we share recommendations based on our 40+ years of real-world experience as a hairdresser and salon owner & manager.

About the Owner: Jon Gonzales’ successful career spans over 40 years as a hair stylist, salon owner, salon consultant, motivational speaker, educator and author. By being in the heart of the salon industry, Jon saw a need for salon training. He created a salon owner and hairdresser educational system. But why align with big brands? Our education meets the educational and business needs of his colleagues, free of any special interest group.

Specialties: Salon management courses, salon business education for Salon Owners

We work with: Employee Based- Commission, Hourly and Team based Salons

Brand Affiliation: No

Get a copy of my book- The Hairdresser’s Guide to Success: Personal, Professional, Financial

Get a copy of my book- Creating Your Salon : Writing a Business Plan, Developing a Winning Team and Writing an Employee Handbook

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