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Salon Owners Networking Group

Salon Owners Networking Group- Kim Russell- S.O.N.G

ABOUT:  The Salon Owners Networking Group is a supportive, innovative, creative and safe space. We are perfect for like-minded salon owners coming together for support, personal development, growth, education, connections, and our communities. Together, we are the sound of salon owners working to elevate the beauty industry’s future. This is accomplished by scholarship contributions and community volunteering. 

Hi! My name is Kim Russell, it’s nice to meet you! I’ve been in the beauty industry for almost 40 years and an employee-based salon owner for nearly 30 of those years. Being recently retired from salon ownership (Yes, you can retire from the beauty industry!), my focus has shifted.  We expanded our amazing Facebook group to a networking and educational membership. If the beauty industry runs through your soul, and you love being around other innovative, creative, hardworking beauty industry entrepreneurs.

Elevated Salon Business Practices

I thought to myself, If I needed a safe space to talk. Create a space where we can ask questions, get real, and be around other beauty industry entrepreneurs.  If I wanted to share my knowledge, experiences, struggles, and mishaps with other beauty industry entrepreneurs who hadn’t traveled the path I had already been on, so did others.
And the Salon Owners Networking Group and Membership was born!

As a hairstylist, salon owner, adoptee, and trauma survivor, I recognized early on that we cannot do life or business alone. Finding a community of support is not only the heartbeat of a successful business but the key to a fulfilling life. Get help with your salon business practices, make new friends and grow in the safest space for beauty professionals available!

Specialties: Coaching, Consulting, Culture, Leadership, Finance, Owner Education/ Training

We work with: Employee Based- Commission, Hourly Salon & Spa Owners

Brand Affiliation: No, partnerships only

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