Salon Suite Franchise Consulting

salon suite franchise consulting

Salon Suite Franchise Consulting

Salon Suite Franchise Consulting- House of Salons

ABOUT: Owner, Frank Bennardo knows Salon Suite Franchise Consulting. Frank’s Salon suite partners flourish under his advisement and experience firsthand how profitable salon suites can be. Guess what? Franchising is NOT a great idea… here’s why- THE INITIAL FRANCHISE FEES WILL ONLY BUY YOU THE RIGHT TO PUT THE FRANCHISE NAME ON YOUR DOOR AND NOTHING AFTER THAT. FRANCHISES WILL CHARGE YOU BETWEEN $50,000 AND $70,000 AND MUST BE PAID RIGHT WHEN YOU SIGN THE CONTRACT. SO, YOU’RE IN THE HOLE OUT OF THE GATE!

Specialties: Location scouting, Planing, Buildout, Branding, Design, Furnishings and Equipment and Management of individually owned salon studios.

We work with: Future and current salon suite owners

Brand Affiliation: No

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