Salon Suite Strategist

social media for salon suite owners

Salon Suite Strategist

Salon Suite Strategist – Shemieka Nicole

ABOUT: What does a salon suite strategist offer? Shemieka helps hair stylists and salon suite renters attract and retail their ideal clients by utilizing the best social media strategy.

With a heavy focus on providing advice and tips for hairstylists, Shemieka’s strategy helps salon suite owners succeed in their careers. If you’re a hair professionals that is either just starting out in the industry or looking to expand your existing business, Shemieka is a must see! – Salon suite strategist services and classes include teaching newly licensed stylists how to:

▪️level up their mindset to grow their business

▪️attract their ideal clients leveling social media

▪️banish burnout by finding balance between the salon and real life

▪️find the confidence to truly shine as a business owner 

Social media for salon suite owners

What will I get in the social media for salon suite owners education? Hairstylists will know exactly where to go and what to do next. Get clear on career and money goals and put together a comprehensive plan of action. It’s time to stop stressing and start growing your salon suite business. Shameika is here to support and empower you as an independent beauty pro to create an organized roadmap for your business goals.

If you struggle with funneling clients to your chair from Instagram, this coach is for you! Learn how to write great captions and captivate lurking new clients with powerful visual messaging. Utilize Instagram to your advantage and grow your salon suite business, today!

Specialties: Salon suite strategist coaching calls, e-books and courses. Courses and coaching offered for social media for salon suite owners.

We work with: Salon suite renters 

Brand Affiliation: No


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