Spa Business Mastery

Spa Business Mastery

Spa Business Mastery

Spa Business Mastery- Kirsten Foss

ABOUT: Kirsten knows a thing or two about spa business mastery. I have combined 30 years as an esthetician, 25+ years as a spa owner, and a natural talent as a mentor & leader to create a deep understanding of the issues and frustrations solo estheticians and spa entrepreneurs face in their business and help them overcome their sales and profit challenges.

Most spa owners have been able to achieve some level of success on their own. But there comes a time when entrepreneurs in the beauty industry must standardize their leadership & operations in order to achieve the organizational efficiencies and sales goals they’ve imagined for themselves.

And while you, dear spa owner, often see amazing success stories happening to others, you’re often completely perplexed as to what’s missing in your own business to reach those same levels of earning potential.

Esthetician Business Coach

Kirsten is not only provides spa business mastery, she also is an esthetician business coach and experienced marketer. She offers single session coaching as well as VIP days and digital marketing assistance. Hiring Kirsten mean you will get help in the following areas:

  • How to approach recruiting & hiring for strong team growth
  • How to successfully implement a new spa revenue stream or increase current revenue
  • How to lead your team confidently and without power struggles
  • Develop a new compensation structure that serves spa growth & an owner paycheck
  • Spa business mastery VIP all day set up for maximized success

VIP Days

Spa Business VIP Days will “catch you up” on the industry’s best practices for success, particularly when you don’t have time to take an online course or a commit to a long-term coaching program. They’re a fast & efficient way to achieve your bookings, sales and leadership goals. Completely transform your spa sales, marketing, leadership & team growth…in a day!

Specialties: Spa marketing, esthetician business coach, spa owner business coaching, recruiting and hiring, revenue, leadership and compensation.

We work with: Spa Owners and solo Estheticians

Brand Affiliation: No

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