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Spa Consultant

Spa Consultant- Segerberg Spa Consulting

ABOUT: Work with a spa consultant with experience and a diverse portfolio that works for the smallest of projects to large corporations. Our approach to spa design is deeply rooted in philosophies that set us distinctively apart in a highly competitive industry. And while these philosophies can be expressed in words, they are measured in our actions and quantified in the success of those projects in which we are involved. It begins with a simple and powerful fact: we create spas that work; spas that are compelling for the property’s market, attain recognition, engage the guests in memorable experiences and achieve bottom line success.

The scope of SSC client services is more than merely comprehensive. It demonstrates the broadest possible spectrum of spa-specific talents at which we excel.

For larger and more complex projects, property owners and developers typically seek our full immersion in the project, from the preliminary what-if’s to what-to-wear at the grand opening. However, the SSC scope of services is first and foremost flexible and can be selected and employed as needed. In any scenario, our passion for performance is the same.

Spa Management Companies

  • Identify target markets
  • Review regional and indigenous factors to support concept development
  • Review owner vision and objectives
  • Create and develop spa concept and theme
  • Recommend program of space and dimensions
  • Suggest a unique spa story, style and ambiance
  • Create preliminary menu of services
  • Develop signature spa elements
  • Conduct competition analysis
  • Develop detailed five-year operating pro forma including projected usage, price points, treatment revenues, staffing levels, salaries and wages expenses, operating expenses
  • Provide assistance with project budget

Specialties: Design and Planning, Operational planning and development, Pre-opening services and Spa management companies

We work with: Spa owners and future owners who would benefit from a spa consultant.

Brand Affiliation: No

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