Team Based Salon Business Coaching

Team Based Salon Business Coaching

Team Based Salon Business Coaching

Team Based Salon Business Coaching- Strategies Consulting

ABOUT: Grow your salon, spa, medspa or lash studio with our team based salon business coaching! Running a salon, spa, or medspa is hard work. With a Strategies Coach, we’re there by your side to guide you. Get the coaching, training, and systems you need to grow a profitable and scalable team-based company. Build predictable profit. Recruit, retain, & inspire Staff.Create systems for growth. Take the pressure off you and let us show you how to improve your salon business.

Why Strategies? An unrivaled suite of coaching, training, and expertise to help you build a profitable salon/spa/medspa by design…not by chance. For three decades, Strategies set the paradigm on what it means to build a true “Team-Based” salon, spa, medspa, barbershop, or lash studio. We have helped thousands of owners transition from reactionary and fearful business owners to confident and thriving business leaders.

Why Team Based Salon Business Coaching?

It’s more than just a pay program… For most salon, spa, and medspa owners, payroll is the number one contributor to their financial challenges. But what most owners don’t realize, is that their pay program is also one of the biggest detractors when it comes to recruiting and retaining staff, culture issues, inconsistencies, and overall growth. The Team-Based Business Model changes all that.

At Strategies, we believe that the way you pay can affect everything from bottom-line profits to client retention. We believe the Team-Based Business Model is the only way to ensure that your team is working together with shared goals that all lead to extraordinary customer satisfaction in your salon, spa, or medspa business.

Team-Based Pay also…

  • Allows your company to be profitable by design, not by chance.
  • Unlocks your extended career and income growth opportunities for your team.
  • Makes everyone feel they’re appreciated and being paid what they’re worth.
  • Motivates your team to drive bottom-line growth.
  • Creates more freedom and flexibility throughout the company.
  • Lets you take home a paycheck worthy of a business owner.

If you’re ready to learn how to implement Team-Based Pay and the Team-Based Business Model in your business, we can help. After all, we literally invented Team-Based Pay for the professional beauty industry.

Specialties: Financial Literacy, Profitability, Recruitment, Pay Structure, Team Building, Culture, Guest Services, Assisting Programs.

We work with: Employee Based Salon & Spa and Med Spa Owners

Brand Affiliation: No

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