Wellness Consulting and Coaching

Wellness Consulting and Coaching

Wellness Consulting and Coaching

Wellness Consulting and Coaching- Truth and Beauty Goddess

ABOUT: Hi, I’m Nicole, why am I here offering wellness consulting and coaching? My story: It was a perfect 10 face plant from burnout that led me to start my journey into wellness. My stress from overworking and under-being turned into overwhelm, then eventually turned into illness.  And while there’s nothing like a little pain to get us in motion, it’s my hope that we can change this course before you burnout. Through building fun, engaging, and meaningful wellness practices into your everyday life, you won’t ever have to smack the pavement like I did.

Wellness isn’t just a nice thing to do, it’s a necessary practice to be invested in if you want to live a successful and thriving life.  It’s my mission to help you feel your best so your business can flourish. I do this by making wellness a part of your life inside and outside of work. BEFORE we hear your reasons why I quit being a hairstylist, consider adding “wellness professional” to your resume and bring in the calm…

Our offerings are grounded in science, guided by intuition. Consider wellness consulting and coaching.

We offer innovative wellness workshops, keynotes, and coaching for teams and individuals working in the beauty industry. An active focus on wellness will help you feel your best so that you recover quicker. Recover from set backs, offer meaningful client transformations, and increase your income, even in these challenging times. Are you ready to let go of what’s not working and step into a brighter, healthier tomorrow? 

You are a multidimensional human, let’s approach wellness development from a holistic perspective. We help you develop in mind, body, and spirit, which will enable you to be successful and feel fulfilled inside and outside of work. We make the concept of wellness accessible and fun, no matter where you are in your wellness journey! Let us help you achieve real results through science, research, and evidence-based tools that can applied in everyday life. 

Specialties: Before you list out reason why I quit being a hairstylist, let’s talk! We offer: Holistic Practice, Emotional Management, Workshops, Team & 1:1 Coaching.

We work with: All beauty professionals and owners who want to add wellness to their toolkit.

Brand Affiliation: No, partnerships only

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