Hairstylist Jobs in Lafayette LA. Award winning salon + spa for professional hair stylists

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Spa Mizan

Hairstylist Jobs in Lafayette LA. Award winning salon + spa for professional hair stylists

About the Employer

I am an Aesthetician and Massage Therapist and have been in business for 34 years. In 1991 I began with me, myself and I and in 1998 I went from a one person facial and massage salon to a full service, commission based salon and spa adding 2 additional aestheticians, 4 additional massage therapists and 5 hair stylists. Not being a hair stylist myself, I always relied on a stylist/ in-house educator who was able to assist with advanced education with my hair team while I worked with my spa team. We were very successful in our 3000 sq.ft. location before moving in 2009 to a 10,000 sq.ft. location. When moving, we had stations for 16 stylists, 4 facial rooms and 5 massage rooms. It wasn't long before we were up to 10 stylists, 5 aestheticians and 6 massage therapists. We have won numerous Best Of awards, my company was selected as the #1 Small and Emerging Business of the Year by the governor of my state, I, personally, was selected as my town's Business Woman of the Year, we were in Salon Todays Top 200 Hair Salons and Spas twice. As time went on, while we have been able to remain fully staffed in our spa department while stylist positions have fluctuated between 9 and 13. My stylist/in-house educator fizzled out as have 3 additional in-house educators who turned out to be not so qualified. Until Covid, I had a total of 10 stylists, 6 of whom had been with me for an average of 6 years. However, after Covid while the majority of my spa team came back, only 4 of my stylists came back. Several moved out of town and the others left the industry completely. Its important to know that booth rental is rampant in my area. I am probably one of only 2 or 3 that is commission only. It wasn't long before 2 more of my stylists left to booth rent. Since reopening after Covid, we have hired an additional 5 stylists who one by one have also left to booth rent. One of which was my in-house educator. Today, my spa department is still very strong, I have decreased the size of my hair department and expanded the size of my spa department. However, I now find myself with only 3 stylists. 2 of which are very strong and 1 who is somewhat new but is very anxious to learn. As a commission salon I offer as much as I can and still be profitable; guaranteed pay when you begin - vacation pay, holiday pay, advanced education that I pay for - product bonuses - I provide all backbar products - group insurance plans - liability insurance - workman's compensation - unemployment insurance (no one went without pay during Covid). We are very goal oriented. When hired I teach my service providers a course in salon business 101. Among other things, I teach them how to read and understand their payroll information which they get every two weeks. I work with each service provider to create yearly goals. We meet one-on-one to review. They have access to all of their numbers. I provide them with monthly reports for review. We have monthly staff meetings where we share wins and celebrations. I have invested thousands of dollars in industry business courses for myself and my staff. And today, after 34 years in this business, I find myself with 3 stylists. Hairstylist Jobs in Lafayette LA

Who fits best in this position

Someone who is passionate about what they do and wants and appreciates continued learning. Someone who trusts, respects and appreciates leadership. Someone who is trustworthy themselves. Someone who supports and works in accordance with the policies and procedures that were explained to them when hired. Someone who is positive and upbeat and enjoys fun in the workplace. Someone who understands the concept that price is what the customer pays but value is what they get. Someone who respects themselves and others.

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Commission, Full-time, Part-time,

Experience Level

Beginner or New Graduate, 1 Years Experience

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