Massage Therapy Insurance for Massage Therapists

Massage Therapy Insurance for Massage Therapists

Interested in insider information on Massage Therapy Insurance for Massage Therapists? When choosing companies for a massage therapy insurance policy, you are faced with many choices. Massage Therapists and Massage therapy businesses are vulnerable professions in the salon industry for legal issues.

Having the right insurance is crucial to operating a successful massage therapy business.  The fact is- clients sue massage therapy owners, massage therapist booth renters and massage employees. Masseuses are often targets for insurance claims that may or may or may not be valid.

Protect your business with a company that specializes in massage therapist insurance, check out GILD for small business coverage, today!

All-Inclusive Insurance for Massage Therapists

Professional massage liability insurance, business insurance coverage, malpractice insurance and commercial general liability coverage is needed to run a massage therapy business.

The unexpected can and does happen with massage therapy. A client slips and falls, gets injured during a massage and property can be accidentally damaged.

GILD provides the protection needed when performing massage services. Contact them today for a free quote!

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1 Year Professional Rate

Massage Therapy Insurance for Massage Therapists cost can vary, a one year policy is ideal for bodywork insurance coverage. Getting a broad liability insurance policy will cover your professional needs as an MT.

Short term liability insurance for massage is key to protecting yourself! Contact GILD today to work with a company that understands our industry.

Dual Coverage Included in an AMTA Membership

In order to be covered by AMTA you must be a member. Let’s face it, we don’t all need the extra expense of monthly payments just to get access to great massage insurance.

AMTA dual coverage is designed for massage therapists who are also yoga instructors or estheticians. GILD offers the same benefits, without the mandatory membership!

GILD works with massage therapists and massage therapy businesses and does not require a membership. Get the professional coverage you need to rest easy, contact GILD today for a free quote!

Does Amta insurance cover hot stones?

No, and you need a membership to get access to their insurance coverage. GILD does not require a membership, contact them today and get a liability master policy that covers hot stone massage.

salon business insurance

1 year policy | Part time rates

Working part time as a massage therapist? Insure your massage tables, save in legal costs and get the protection you need against bodily injury with rates that reflect part time work rates.

Part time professional liability policies cover everything you need at a better rate. Contact GILD today for a free quote on part time massage insurance coverage.


Massage Insurance Policy Includes

Massage Therapy Insurance for Massage Therapists coverage includes: professional massage liability insurance, personal injury, medical expenses, legal defense coverage, property damage and excess and surplus lines coverage. Your insurance partner should be amongst the healthcare professionals purchasing group.

Ensure you don’t break the bank with the best insurance providers- contact GILD for a free quote, today!

Lowest Price

Massage professionals can overpay for bodywork insurance. Get valuable and important benefits at the best rates with GILD. Contact them today for a no obligation, free quote and get the lowest price for the best coverage.

Do you offer daily payment options?

Daily payment for massage insurance is not typically offered as a service. If you need a temporary beauty and bodywork insurance coverage, contact GILD for the best options.

Insurance Based On Price

Pricing for massage professional liability insurance depends of several factors. If you are a self employed massage therapist you will need a general liability insurance policy covering services you provide and equipment you own.

Protecting yourself against bodily injury and third party claims is included the liability coverage.

Massage therapist business owners also need to participate in healthcare professionals purchasing group insurance. If you own your building, property insurance as well as additional insured endorsement is needed.

Insuring professional services is just one piece of the commercial general liability coverage pie! Contact GILD if you are a self employed massage therapist or owner to learn more about the state guarantee fund policies.

Membership Is More than Insurance

An annual aggregate corporation like AMTA, Gallagher risk management services or arch specialty insurance company has memberships to explore. Massage therapists no not necessarily want or need memberships to support your business.

Work with an insurance company that can explain annual aggregate and surplus lines companies. Contact GILD today for the best insurance coverage for Massage Therapy Insurance for Massage Therapists!

Our Massage Therapist Insurance Policy is More Affordable

An insurance provider may include unneeded policy inclusions. Ask questions about surplus lines market, state guarantee fund and annual aggregate agreements.

To avoid paying too much, talk with experts in the massage therapy liability insurance field. GILD will walk you through the legally obligated details of a new policy.

Coverage limits by company

Not all massage insurance providers are the same. Getting a liability master policy for surplus lines broker doesn’t make sense for all MTs or massage businesses.

Coverages like identity fraud and fall insurance may be limited, depending on the insurance partner you choose. Work with the #1 massage liability insurance company, GILD.

Contact for a free quote to insure only what you need! Protect services like hot stone massage, deep tissue massage and your massage table today with GILD.

Rental Damage coverage limits

General liability coverage only protects property damage that arises from an accident. Claims filed that include rental damage or damages to your personal property.

Commercial general liability coverage options are needed to protect massage therapists who rent suites, rooms and retails spaces.

General liability also does not include fire, water or products used my massage professionals. A Business insurance policy can be purchased through the company massage therapists trust the most.

Contact GILD today for a free quote for your professional services and business policy.

Investing in Your Career: The Cost of Massage Therapy Liability Insurance

Non membership based insurance companies like GILD won’t hike insurance costs up for the benefit of a new association membership. Associations can be very beneficial for networking and services outside of insurance needs.

Working with a healthcare professionals purchasing group for Massage Therapy Insurance for Massage Therapists means you have more valuable and important benefits. If you are in need of surplus lines broker, you will need to look into large corporations such as Berkshire Hathaway.

This does not need to come from the AMTA or ABMP if you are just seeking the right coverage. Contact GILD for the most cost effective massage insurance policy, today!

What is the difference between ABMP and AMTA?

Massage liability insurance offered through the ABMP and AMTA provide different coverages. They both are a healthcare professionals purchasing group but they offer coverage options for services such as hot stone massage.

Should you join either association, you are not legally obligated to get insurance from the company. This is just and added benefit for members. Check with these companies before paying for insurance that is harder to get such as surplus lines market insurance.

Work with a company that can provides the best massage liability insurance policy, GILD. Get a free quote, today!

Massage Business Insurance Policy

Massage business insurance policies are offered separate from professional liability insurance coverage. Business coverage would mean your business is protected against lost or stolen equipment and damaged property.

Commercial general liability coverage is needed in some rental situations and in all building ownership scenarios. Identity fraud is not covered in commercial general liability coverage.

The Lowest Cost

Insurance with the lowest associated costs may not cover what you need to be protected. Massage liability insurance companies that significantly undercut normal rates should be avoided. Get the most affordable rates and the coverage needed to safely conduct business with GILD.

Who Is Massage Magazine Insurance Plus?

There are a ton of massage insurance offerings on the market! Companies like gallagher risk management services, AMTA, arch specialty insurance company all offer policies.

Salonspa Connection conducted research to find which massage insurance companies provided the best liability insurance for massage therapists. Although Gallagher risk management services excelled in areas of business like personal injury, identity protection plan and surplus lines companies we found GILD to be a superior and more reasonable option for MTs and business owners.

Gallagher risk management services was too broad of a plan and range for massage insurance. If you incur medical bills, ensure your healthcare professionals purchasing group has your back!

Massage therapists may not need excess and surplus lines coverage. Working with a company that understands the spa and massage industry is key to getting the best insurance policy.

Contact GILD, a company that specializes in general liability insurance for massage therapy, today!

Gallagher risk management services

If you are a huge company, Gallagher risk management services may benefit you. Most massage therapy businesses are solo entrepreneurs and mid sized spas

Salonspa Connection recommends GILD for smaller to mid size massage insurance company needs.

What Are the Benefits of Having Professional Massage Liability Insurance?

For massage therapists, professional liability insurance coverage covers you in a lawsuit involving malpractice. GILD’s healthcare professionals purchasing group can cover up to $10 million dollars for claims that occur within one year.

Professional liability insurance coverage is also known as medical malpractice insurance. Since MTs are not typically considered chiropractors, doctors or nurse practitioners, professional liability covers what is needed to safely perform services.

For a custom quote on professional liability insurance, contact GILD, the leader in spa industry insurance for a free quote.

How do I get malpractice insurance?

Malpractice insurance for the massage industry is known as professional liability insurance. Unless you are certified and licensed as a doctor, nurse, chiropractor or other medical professions, you do not need this type of coverage.

Unsure of which policy fits your needs the best? Work with a company who understands the needs we have as massage therapists. Contact GILD for a free, no obligation quote and rest easy, today!

General Liability Insurance

Massage industry professionals, businesses and schools require massage liability insurance to safely conduct business. Protect yourself and your business form being sued with the right company for your needs.

As careful and thoughtful as we are as MTs things can happen. Massage therapists are at a higher risk for lawsuits because of the nature of our business. Touching people comes with reserved feelings and anxiety for some clients.

Some people are just looking for trouble! Sue happy clients looking to make a fast buck file lawsuits for a number of different things. When you leave the massage room to allow your customer to change clothes, ensure rugs are not bunched up, and the room is a safe as possible for your client.

Can Massage Therapists Bill Insurance for services?

Yes they can! Massage therapists found in doctor’s offices, chiropractic practices and in a healthcare professionals purchasing group often take insurance.

Massage offers valuable and important benefits for health and insurance companies are adding this benefit to their policies. Check with each business and provider to see if they can bill insurance.

Asking your insurance partner for referrals is the best way to find massage insurance accepted practitioners.

Do you tip massage therapist?

While tips are not expected, (and sometimes not allowed), they are always appreciated!

How much should you tip for a massage?

Generally 20% of your service price is an acceptable amount.

Per Occurrence Limit

GILD’s per occurrence insurance policy protection safeguards your business from late filed claims.

Occurrence Form

Occurrence forms cover a loss that takes place during a specific period. This is irregardless of when an incident has been reported. Contact GILD for the best occurrence insurance protection.

Get Insured in Minutes With an Instant Certificate

For fast insured needs, usually the day your application is received, you are insured. To get immediate coverage you will need to contact GILD.They can provide access to the insurance company coverage you need, quickly if you have all qualifying information on hand.

What Does Massage Therapist Liability Insurance Cover?

Massage liability insurance covers most the common workplace accidents and incidents. We recommend getting additional coverage as needed, dependent upon the nature of your work.

Working with a healthcare professionals purchasing group means added benefits. This means your insurance company is working within a large pool of insureds. Discounted insurance and added coverages are a common offering for healthcare professionals purchasing group insurance partner.

Traveling massage therapy, product protection and business ownership are not covered by massage liability insurance. Contact the trusted company for massage industry professionals, GILD for a free and customized quote, today.

Professional Liability Insurance

Bodyworkers need professional liability insurance for protection against malpractice lawsuits. This type of insurance offers protection for intangible issues, like customer dissatisfaction or their misunderstanding of provided business advice.

Working with a healthcare professionals purchasing group like GILD means you are getting savings you would otherwise not have access to. GILD will match you with the ideal company that will maximize your heard earned service income.

Healthcare professionals purchasing group provides many benefits when you are seeking a massage liability insurance. These policies do not cover an identity protection plan.

Product Liability Insurance

Massage insurance for the products you use is not always a needed add on to an existing or new policy. Massage therapists tend to use very few products that can cause injury or damage to a client. However, a small population certain is allergic to nut derivatives and fragrances in massage oils.

Reactions to massage lotions, oils and creams should be taken seriously. At times, an initial allergic reaction may seem mild but can develop into a more serious problem over time. Prevent these types of issues by providing a client intake form and directly asking if the client has any known allergies.

Tree nut and peanut allergies are very common. Fragrance allergies are less common however, just as serious as nut allergies.

If you feel the products you use may unintentionally cause allergic reactions or harm to a client, this is an excellent additional insured policy to add in. Contact GILD for a comprehensive massage liability insurance offering. Get a free quote and protect yourself against the unforeseen incident at work.

Ready to Protect Your Career?

Massage liability insurance is a must have for MTs who are actively practicing. Think of massage liability insurance like you would an identity protection plan. Bodywork comes with risk, therefore protecting your career is a must.

Why risk a lawsuit or malpractice claims? Massage liability insurance is inexpensive compared to what could happen should a client get injured in your business. Get the best rates with healthcare professionals purchasing group with GILD, today!

Is massage covered by insurance in USA?

This depends on where you go to recieve a massage. Therapists are often insured with a healthcare professionals purchasing group. You need to check with your personal insurance carrier to determine if your massage can be covered.

Most insurance companies can provide a list of providers in your area. Chiropractors and holistic doctors often employ massage therapists and take insurance.

What is malplacement liability insurance?

Malplacement liability insurance is a business owner’s payment for fees you are legally obligated to pay as a result of an incident. This can mean an act, mistake or omission from arranging and pre qualifying work for your employees.

Consider working with a healthcare professionals purchasing group to access a larger pool of resources for your business. Contact GILD for a free quote and get the coverage you need to rest easy!