History of Salonspa Connection

For years, my salon was filled with people all day long. There was ALWAYS someone to talk with and something that needed to be done. I was proud; I had happy employees and happy clients.

I had successfully done what I had set out to do. However, by the time I sold the salon, I felt alone and totally burnt out. The first year was the hardest. I hadn’t anticipated the isolation that came along with ownership of a salon until I realized everything sat on my shoulders. 

The bills were overwhelming, taxes were high, and ensuring my employees were satisfied was an endless task.

In the beginning, there were some weeks I did not get paid for my hard work. My focus was to ensure the success of my business, competitive prices for customers, and good wages for my employees. There was always a lot of decisions to be made on how I could spend money to “improve” my life as a salon owner. I tried everything. I bought TONS of different products, programs, tools, and just about everything under the sun to go with them. My cries for resources and help were left unanswered. 

My staff couldn’t relate to my problems as an owner. I didn’t know any other owners in our industry.

My friends and family didn’t understand my world.  All my resources for “help” were limited to product representatives or weren’t easily accessible. I felt lonely, scared, frustrated, and tired. I needed someone who understood my problems and could offer the kind of help I desperately wanted. I know what it’s like to be an owner. manager, stylist, and assistant. I took all of the help and resources I have wished for throughout my entire 23-year career in this industry and made them accessible to you.

I have created Salonspa Connection for anyone who has gone through or is currently going through what I have experienced as a stylist and owner in Kansas City.

Salonspa Connection offers connection and collaboration over competition. We provide real non-product related resources for any owner or licensed professional to utilize. Our website houses the most comprehensive commission and booth rental opportunities! In addition more employment options than you can dream of, we house the ONLY city-wide calendar of all industry classes, a unique resource for anyone searching to enhance their careers through education.

My hope is our services can help our local community BE more of a community so that we can help each other thrive.

We strive to help you reach your full potential whether you’re a student searching for guidance, a professional looking to connect with industry opportunities or and owner who needs a friend to share in their joy of living their dream for success. Accessible, essential resources-ALL on a local level. 

We are the first and only company to offer this type of comprehensive service menu in the Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas. We are here to help industry owners and licensed professionals improve their daily lives and their careers.